A Quick Travel Guide to Villa La Angostura, Patagonia

A scenic 90-minute drive from Northern Patagonia’s main hub of Bariloche is the stunning town of Villa La Angostura. This blissfully serene village is often referred to as the “Gardens of Patagonia,” an accurate nickname for the lush and peaceful lake town. Villa La Angostura is a must on any Patagonia itinerary, even for just a day or two. Here’s a quick guide of what you’ll need to know before visiting Villa La Angostura.

How To Get To Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura is a cheap and easy bus ride away from Bariloche. The bus company Via Bariloche has departures every other hour and tickets are as cheap as $8 for the 90-minute ride. You’ll need to get to Bariloche’s main bus terminal about 15 minutes outside of the city center either by local bus or by remise taxi. The bus drops you off at the Via Bariloche station in Villa La Angostura which has a very central location.

Best Things To Do in Villa La Angostura

Los Arrayanes National Park

The highlight of Villa La Angostura, especially during the summer, is a visit to Los Arrayanes National Park. Whether you decide to hike, cycle, or take a boat ride through the area, you can’t go wrong. If you’re only in Villa La Angostura for a short time, this should be at the top of your list.

Outside of hiking the lengthy loop that will take you the full day, there are plenty of viewpoints and beaches in the area to just kick back and relax at.

Other popular things to do in Villa La Angostura center around the lake, mountains, and hiking trails. Around Los Arrayanes National Park, you’ll find a number of beaches, ranging from very secluded to decently populated. However, even the most crowded beaches were very tolerable.

During the winter, skiing is an option at Villa La Angostura. It is a ski town through and through. The many options for skiing make it an awesome year round destination for travelers. The most popular spot is Cerro Bayo, although you’ve also got your pick of the litter if you include the neighboring city of Bariloche, home to many of Argentina’s best ski resorts.

Outside of Los Arrayanes National Park, you can find a number of other hiking trails. One of the most popular spots to visit is the marvelous Rio Correntoso. At 200 meters long, this river is one of the shortest in the world. What it lacks in length, it makes up for in beauty. Other options include the many waterfalls in the area around Villa La Angostura. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with a day spent hiking in this quaint little village. It’s an easy place to immerse yourself and get lost in nature.

A day out on the boat is also an option. Many visitors to Los Arrayanes National Park opt to take a ferry ride to the end of the trail and then hike back. The sparkling waters of the lakes surrounding Villa La Angostura are absolutely gorgeous, and it would be criminal not to take advantage of them.

villa la angostura argentina

Where To Stay in Villa La Angostura

Hostel La Angostura

This was one of my favorite places I stayed in all of South America. Hostel La Angostura is tucked away in the woods along the backroads, but still only a 10-minute walk away from the bus station and the town center. It feels more like a cozy cabin than a hostel, and has great Wi-Fi, aesthetic, decor, and amenities. I would have loved to stay longer at Villa La Angostura for this hostel alone, as it was easily one of my favorites in Patagonia.

For how small Villa La Angostura is, there are a surprising amount of places to stay. Whether you prefer a budget hostel where you can meet fellow travelers, or are looking for something more along the lines of a secluded mountain cabin, you’ve got options.

Getting Around Villa La Angostura

One of the only struggles I had while in Villa La Angostura was getting around. I didn’t have a car or a bike so I walked everywhere while I was here. There is public transport for the longer distances, but it is pretty infrequent. If you have the option, try to rent a car. It can be cheap in Patagonia, especially if you’re splitting the cost with a few other travelers. A remise taxi is another good option, and they’re relatively cheap. As always, hitchhiking is a go-to for many backpackers traveling around Patagonia. However, I noticed it was a bit less common in Villa La Angostura.

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villa la angostura argentina
villa la angostura argentina
villa la angostura argentina

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