How To Get To Pisac From Cusco

One of the most pleasant surprises on this latest trip to Peru was just how much I fell in love with the little town of Pisac. Located just an hour from Cusco, Pisac held a completely different vibe. It was quieter, more peaceful, and nestled in between the mountains of the Sacred Valley. For the week that I was there, it was pure bliss. So how do you get to Pisac from Cusco?

There are a number of different ways. With it being only an hour away, it doesn’t warrant a lengthy overnight bus like other destinations in Peru often do. That means there are plenty of options on how to get there, giving you lots of flexibility with your schedule and your budget.

How To Get To Pisac By Colectivo

This is the cheapest way to get to Pisac from Cusco. It’s also quite simple. To get to Pisac from Cusco by colectivo, you just need to pop over to Calle Puputi and catch one of the vans waiting there. They fill up relatively quickly, so you won’t need to wait too long. Since this is the starting point of the Cusco to Pisac route, you are almost always guaranteed to get a seat right away. Since the ride is around an hour long, getting a seat is a must.

The ride will cost you only 5 soles, or around $1.50 US for the hour-long ride.

How To Get To Pisac By Bus

Another option is to go to the terminal terrestre of the buses heading from Cusco to Calca. These also make a stop in Pisac. However, these buses take much longer to fill up and from what I saw, hardly anyone uses them. I stopped by here first since it was closer than Calle Puputi. I waited about five minutes before leaving. I was the only one there and it didn’t seem like they were in any rush to leave without the bus even remotely close to full.

This is a cheaper option than taking a taxi or a tour, but I still recommend taking the colectivo if you want to make sure you leave at all.

How To Get To Pisac By Private Taxi

The easiest way to get to Pisac is to take a private taxi. With how hungover I was the morning I left for Pisac, I almost considered this option. Places advertise taxis to Pisac for typically around 60-90 soles, so I’m sure you could haggle it down to around 50 if you were persistent. For an hour-long ride that drops you off exactly where you need to go, this isn’t too bad. If you were splitting it with 2 or 3 other people, it’s quite a fair price for the convenience and simplicity of it.

How To Get To Pisac Via Guided Tour

Another option that you could try is to take a guided tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and then just ask them to drop you off at Pisac at the end. I inquired about this and the tour agency seemed keen. I ended up just taking a colectivo and exploring the Sacred Valley by myself because I remembered that I hate taking tours, but this is a convenient option for someone who wants to kill two birds with one stone. You’ll likely be able to take a tour of Pisac Archaeological Site and then get dropped off in town to experience some peace and zen.

For more on Pisac, check out my backpacker’s guide to Pisac.

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