About Me

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I was sitting at a bar in Bangkok lamenting the state of the world with a Dutch stranger. We had met only minutes prior but the discussion quickly moved to the sorry state of American and European politics. A bit tired of the topic, I tried to transition with a “oh well, there’s nothing we can do about it.” After a moment’s silence, he responded.

Actually, there is. We can sit here, share a beer, and be friends.”

I never spoke to that guy again, nor ever learned his name, but that simple response put to words what I’ve always felt The Partying Traveler was truly about. It has never been just about getting drunk in a bunch of dope places, although admittedly, it’s a pretty cool perk. For me, The Partying Traveler has always been about bringing the world closer one beer at a time. The parts of traveling that stick with you the most are often the bonds you build and the unforgettable friendships you make with strangers from all over the world, no matter how briefly they may last.

Traveling provides countless opportunities to not only see the world, but to carve your place in it. One can leave an impact in every person they meet, breaking down negative stereotypes and opening minds and hearts. The social aspect of travel is one that gets overlooked by people, but to me, it is far and away the most important part.

So to the countless strangers I’ve boogied down with on dance floors worldwide, the hostel mates I’ve argued with over the rules of King’s Cup, and to all of you fantastic friends that I’ve yet to meet, cheers, and welcome to my blog.

This travel blog is a relatively new endeavor for me, but one that I hope to have a lot of fun with. I’m here to have fun, and to make sure you guys do, too. I’m no professional travel blogger by any means, and my site may lack the sleek sexiness that other professional influencers have. But what I lack in aesthetic, I make up for in authentic, non-sugarcoated stories and travel guides. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, baby. Okay, maybe not so much of that as I’d like.

As a full-time backpacker, I’ve got budget travel, solo travel, and the backpacker life down to a science. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous way to travel but if you’ve got a passion for seeing the world, a bed to crash on at night and the occasional meal is all you need.

Since I’ve started my adventures around the world, I’ve been to nearly 50 countries (I don’t actually keep track, whoops) across five continents. I’ve partied in caves in Cuba and treehouses in Nicaragua. I’ve summited a volcano on an MDMA comedown and dropped acid at the world’s most beautiful places. I was a wild child, to say the least.

Nearly four years later, I’ve since become interested in many other things, mostly photography, storytelling, and chasing the world’s greatest views.  However, anyone who’s met me along the way can tell you that I still love having a good time. As I grow older and pursue more professional endeavors, I hope to use this blog not only to share my photos and stories but also as a platform to help other people get out there and see the world. Like some sort of partying backpacker father figure, since there will always be generations of you guys to come long after I’m old and grey. I cover the ins and outs of backpacker life, how to see the world on a budget, and even some advice on how to make a living off of traveling.

Cheers to hoping you follow along for the journey!

Party on.