About Me

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What’s up guys?

My name’s Eli. I’m 22 years old, fresh out of college and chose to see the world rather than bother with a career right away. As of my last trip, I have been to 39 countries across 5 continents. Now that I actually have the free time, I’m hoping to see many more in the near future so stay tuned to this blog, my Instagram page, and my YouTube channel.


The biggest question people ask me is how I can afford to travel full-time.

In short, I started a few of my own businesses when I was about seventeen. Most of them are driven by social media audiences that I amassed over the last few years. Being able to work online gives me flexibility and freedom to see the world while I earn a living. I stumbled into the social media advertising industry when I was in high school, and started ramping things up the summer following my freshman year of college. I started Profascinate in February 2014 after a previous failed attempt at creating a social media advertising platform, and have been managing it ever since then. I also started CoraLife as a way to give back to the environment and the world which has given me so much. This travel blog is a new endeavor for me, but is one that I hope to have fun with because yeah, partying and traveling are very fun things.

I’ve bounced around the world a lot. I discovered my passion for traveling by accident, sort of. I had originally booked flights, hotels, and bought tickets for a trip to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Unfortunately, I did not realize I had to get a travel visa to enter Brazil and had to scramble to put a different trip together. My friend and I chose to go to Barcelona, where we ended up bouncing around the Mediterranean and going to five different countries. That spontaneous adventure provided a rush unlike any other and sparked my love for traveling.

A few weeks later, I went to the Philippines, Japan, and Singapore. As soon as I got back to college, I immediately signed up to study abroad during winter break, visiting Chile and Argentina, and then going to Brazil with a few people after the program ended. I did another study abroad trip that next summer, going to Prague in the Czech Republic. I stopped by Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and the United Kingdom while I was there. I went to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway for the spring break of my senior year, and as a recent college graduate, I plan on traveling full-time for as long as I can!

Check out my newest videos of my most recent adventures here:

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