Top 5 Countries To Visit For Whiskey-Lovers

For centuries, whiskey has been a favorite drink for several people across the globe. This potion of liquid gold has garnered a humongous fan base of whiskey lovers who will happily travel to any part of the world for enjoying a smooth glass of classic whiskey. Such is the love for this drink!

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To the delight of all whiskey connoisseurs, we have rounded up this list of the top 5 countries that every whiskey lover must visit once in his lifetime. These countries are home to some of the world’s finest distilleries that offer the best whiskey tours and tasting experiences.


Scotland is often the first destination that comes to mind when we talk about whiskey. Regarded as the motherland of whiskey, the first mention of whiskey’s presence in Scotland can be traced back to the 1400s.

In Scotland, whiskey is distilled from the malted barley and then put into five different categories. The famous Single Malt Scotch whiskey comes from this gorgeous country, which is aged to perfection for three years in oak barrels.

For a memorable experience, you can plan a Speyside tour as this takes you to different distilleries across the country. Most of the distillery owners are hugely enthusiastic about sharing their age-old distillation procedures with the ardent whiskey lovers.


Ireland is another stunning destination that has a long-standing reputation for being a famous whiskey producer. As opposed to Scotch and the American whiskeys, Irish whiskey goes through the distillation process thrice.

Of late, there has been a sharp surge in the popularity of Irish whiskey, and this is the prime reason why Ireland has become the much sought-after destination for whiskey lovers.


Although there are only 7 distilleries in Ireland, yet these tell the story of distillation right from its start, making it an interesting hear. The Old Bushmills distillery and Jameson distillery are amongst the top whiskey tours offered by Ireland. The latter is no longer in function, but it is still open and serves as a museum of Ireland’s whiskey-making history.


For Canadians, whiskey is mainly corn spirit that is blended with multi-grain liquor.  Canadian whiskey is smoother than that of Ireland and Scotland.

Canadian whiskey is best known for its unique flavor that comes from the addition of rye. In fact, rye whiskey has become one of the leading whiskeys, the world over. The Single Malts of Canada are also very popular.

The Glenora Inn & Distillery is the leading whiskey distillery in the country and has been producing the finest of whiskeys for the past 12 years.

If you are fond of champagne, you must also try the delectable varieties of Andre Champagne in Canada.


Japanese whiskey has garnered a lot of acclaim and fame. The distillers in Japan make use of certain ingredients that are native to Japan and lend a distinctive flavor to the whiskey.

Nikka and Suntory are two prime conglomerates of Japan that are known to make amazing single malts and blends. Also, Yamazaki Distillery, the first-ever distillery in Japan offers an unforgettable tour that even allows the visitors to taste the unblended versions of whiskey.

United States Of America

In America, the whiskey is made from fermented cereal grain. It is categorized as Tennessee and Bourbon whiskey. Anyone who loves Jack Daniels should certainly ponder visiting America as the experience is just out of the world.


You can visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery to know more about how this brilliant whiskey is made. You can also opt for The Distillery Tour that caters to a diminutive audience.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the must-visit places for whiskey lovers. Whiskey making is an art, and if you are in love with this golden drink, you would surely want to know more about how it is made.

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  1. I share your love of whiskey/bourbon. I have had the good fortune of visiting some distilleries in Scotland, our former home. I learned there that the Scots drop the “e” in whisky. And my Scottish friends serve it straight with water on the side to mix or ignore. Cheers!

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