The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague is one of the craziest you will ever experience. What exactly can you expect? Well, be prepared for anything and everything. Do you want loud music, flashing lights, and a sweaty night of regret? Do you want a chill, laid back kind of night with your friends? Maybe just drinking by the Vltava River as the sun sets? There are so many different ways to have a night out in Prague, but I’ll give you my ideal itinerary with a few suggestions.

8PM and earlier:

Ha, just don’t even bother going out to a club or bar this early. If you want, this is where I would suggest finding a relaxing spot to sip on a beer or your drink of choice. A few bridges past the Charles Bridge, you will find an area where you can sit right by the Vltava River and have some drinks. This is where a lot of the locals go, so you know it’s good.

Another place that I really enjoyed was a pub simply called The Pub. You pour your own beers as there’s a tap at your table. It measures how much beer you consume, and it compares how much beer your table has drank in comparison to other tables in the area and surrounding areas. If you’re like me, you’re a competitor, and you’re going to make sure your table gets first. We got first. I passed out at 8 PM by the river. Drink responsibly.

Beer gardens are also a popular spot for locals and travelers alike. My personal favorite? I highly recommend going to the Beer Garden, Hospudka na Hradbach, in Vysehrad. Take the red line to Vysehrad and try to find your way around the historic and beautiful neighborhood until you get to the beer garden. It is a large, open space with many tables, decently priced beer, great food, and a stunning view of the city (pictured below). I could spend hours upon hours here, and would highly recommend it as a pregame before a night out.

beer garden prague

10PM – 1AM:

This is when I would start trickling my way into the bars. Some popular ones are James Dean and Harley’s, and you will usually find a good crowd there. However, they are personally not my favorite, and you will leave reeking of cigarettes and shame. The atmosphere here is dark with loud classic rock and oldies playing all through the night. 

For some reason, poor lighting and cramped spaces are required by all bars in Prague. U Sudu is one bar that makes it work. Have a few beers at this centrally located, underground bar, and move out for the night once you start feeling it.

There are so many more pubs and bars you could go to in Prague, but I have a bad habit of skipping out on the bars and heading straight for the clubs. Up next, my area of expertise.

1 AM – 5AM:

Ah, my personal favorite stage of the night. If you’re like me, then you’re absolutely heading to a nightclub to awkwardly dance the night away and then waking up with only your Snapchat story to refresh your memory of the night before. Let’s cut to the chase.

Chapeau Rouge is my absolutely favorite place to go. Crazy, crazy, crazy crowd here and DJs that always play some great music. There are three levels to this club, so you’re bound to find one you like. My favorite level is the one where you get really sweaty, dance on top of couches, and make a complete fool of yourself. You’ll know which one it is.

Retro is a place that can get very crazy, very fast. If you’re not drunk enough, this place might be overwhelming or feel like too much. If you’re at that perfect level, this is where you’ll want to be. Expect to be sweaty and disgusting within 30 minutes. Hey, no one’s judging.

Music Club Zlaty Strom (the underground part of the Golden Tree Hotel) is my “safe bet” place to go. It is right by the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, and has a few different areas as well. It has its share of sit down areas where you can share a giant fishbowl with the homies. Once you get to your preferred level of drunkness, there are several dancefloors. I have personally experienced some crazy stuff here, so it might not be where the locals go, but you can have a lot of fun here. Plus, it is in walking distance of everything from drunk food, the metro station, and the Charles Bridge.

Lucerna is one of the only oldies clubs that I liked. It will play the most random music, but sometimes you just have to roll with it. They literally played Never Gonna Give You Up unironically here, but hey, I’ll try and jam to it. Big dance floor, loud music, bright lights, and a great location right by Wenceslas Square.

There’s a five-story club called Karlovy Lazne that a lot of people are always curious about going to. I personally didn’t mind it but it is pretty touristy. It is a massive club and each level has its own vibe. There’s one floor with old American disco music, one that played EDM, and one that plays hip-hop and R&B. Pick your poison. Drinks are expensive and they do not take card here. It is right in the center of Prague, just a block away from Charles Bridge, so it will be crowded, touristy and pricy.

There is an Ice Pub inside which was pretty neat. It costs 150 Czech Crowns ( about 7 US dollars) to get in, and that comes with a drink, but you will only be allowed in it for a short period of time. My group got pushed out after only 30 minutes.


There is only one move left at this point. Get yourself a doner kebab and head on over to the Charles Bridge. This is the most peaceful and quiet you will ever find it, and also the most beautiful. Watching the sunrise from this spot is the icing on top of a fantastic night out. Also, the residual drunk person in passing makes for quality entertainment while you wait for the sun to peek out and the metro to start running.

charles bridge prague

To sum it up, if I had one night in Prague to pick the perfect night out, it would start at the Vysehrad beer gardens followed by pregaming by the Vltava River. Around midnight or 1 AM, I’d start making my way to Chapeau Rouge. Grab your drunk pizza or drunk doner kebab around 4 AM and start making your way to the Charles Bridge for a sunrise you will never forget.

Where’s your favorite place to experience the nightlife in Prague? Do you have any suggestions that I might be missing out on? Let me know in the comments!

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