Work With Me

Work With Me

"A master at social media marketing, a kick-ass travel blogger, and an all-around awesome dude."
Michele DiLisio
CEO, PACK. Coworking Retreats

As A Travel Blogger

  • Featured by The Independent, VG, VICE, The Missourian, Yahoo!, Mercury Magazine, and more
  • Contributed pieces to TimeOut, Parade, Seeker, The Sun, and more
  • Served as community manager and social media outreach for travel app startup Jet Journal
  • Two-time public speaker at the University of Missouri Trulaske College of Business for my international entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Speaker for NasAcademy with an average course rating of 9.0/10
My work as a travel blogger specializes in backpacker life, budget travel, solo travel, and youth travel. Frequent topics of my blog include budget travel destinations, travel and wilderness backpacking, and backpacker guides to specific destinations.
My writing style is authentic, honest, and free-flowing. All the while, it can bring out the best of each of my client’s company, with prose but never without truth.The organic style of my blog posts can highlight and showcase one of my partners without my audience even being aware of the nature of the sponsored content. The honesty of my blog has long been noted by my readers, followers, and clients. In the end, that honesty and transparency goes much, much further in building a loyal audience, and in turn, a successful campaign.
"Eli brings light and fun to an industry too concerned with maintaining a perfect image"
Kay Kingsman
Writer, Mercury Magazine

As A Photographer

  • Photography featured by BBC Travel, The Guardian, GoPro, Culture Trip, PicFair, Cape Town Magazine, and more
  • Wiki Loves Earth Two-Time Top 10 Finalist Photography Competition
  • Portfolio includes travel companies in over a dozen different countries, from Peru to South Africa to Indonesia
My writing and photography serve as a one-two punch, as I can tell a story with my photos as well as I can with words. I specialize in landscapes, travel, and urban photography, although I am more than capable in portrait and event photography, as well. As a travel photographer who has worked across a dozen different countries, I excel at personalizing every project to maximize the benefit gained by my clients. From showcasing the best of every property I work with to captivating the wanderlust of audiences worldwide with breathtaking landscapes, my photography plays a massive part in my success as a travel blog.

My work showcasing my travels have been featured by various publications around the world, from the United Kingdom, the U.S., South Africa, Norway, and more. Although I am relatively new to photography, I placed as a top 10 finalist out of over 80,000 entrants in Wikipedia’s Wiki Loves Earth photography contest. My photography also frequently reaches the front page of Reddit, seen by millions of people worldwide.
"Our best Instagrammer-in-Chief so far."
Zoe Branche
Marketing Head, Baz Bus

The Stats

  • 60,000 monthly pageviews and 1.3 million total blog readers (September 2021)
    • Audience Breakdown
      • 59.7% from United States
      • 16.3% from U.K.
      • 9.4% from Canada
      • 5.4% from Australia
  • 57,100 Instagram followers (April 2022)
    • Audience Location
      • 42% U.S.A.
      • 7% U.K.
      • 3% Canada
      • 2% Australia, South Africa
      • 44% elsewhere
    • Audience Age
      • 46% between ages of 25-34
      • 26% between 18-24
      • 15%  between 35-44
  • 10 years of experience in social media marketing
    • Built various assets with audiences totaling:
      • 303,000 on Tik Tok
      • 150,000 on Instagram
      • 250,000 on Facebook
      • 5 million on Twitter
      • 800,000 on Snapchat
    • Generated over $300,000 in advertising revenue solely through social media marketing tactics
"Your work was extremely detailed and well-planned, and after working with other influencers, you stood out even more."
Maddy Odom
Founder, Jet Journal

Work and Availability

  • Available for:
    • Commissions and sponsored posts
    • Press Trips as a travel blogger, photographer, and/or social media influencer
    • Social media campaigns and promotions
    • Brand ambassadorships
    • Affiliate marketing, preferably with up-front payment for sponsored posts and links
    • Product, accommodation, tour, or other travel service reviews
    • On-site photography jobs for trips, tours, and events
  • Will consider:
    • One-on-one sessions on social media marketing, photo editing, and Instagram audits
    • Creating personalized travel itineraries for your trip
    • Licensing my photography for publication
    • Guest posts and sponsored backlink placements (flat fee of $300 per post or $100 per backlink, up to my discretion)

For a full list of partners, clients, and features, visit my Press page. Press kit is also available upon request.

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