The 5 Best Infinity Pools In Bali

If there’s one thing that Bali has no shortage of, it is infinity pools. There is nothing more gorgeous than looking right over the edge of a pool into a stunning view. Next to infinity pools (and swings), stunning views are Bali’s forte.

Will I ever be able to hit every single one of Bali’s infinity pools? Probably not. Rumor has it, if you try to go to every single infinity pool in Bali, you will never finish because a new one pops up faster than you can cross one off your list. That might have been humans actually but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I love Bali and I love pools.

Make sure you aren’t being an ultra-basic Instagrammer by just clogging up the entire ledge for hours at a time. Pools are meant for swimming. Please swim. Enjoy a mojito over the edge, enjoy the views, and live your best #Bali life.

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Jungle Fish, Ubud

Ubud served as my home base for my month in Bali. Not particularly a beach person, I didn’t mind being in the middle of the jungle. You can’t really complain about being away from the beaches when you have a place like Jungle Fish to go to. The self-proclaimed no-beach beach club may not have any sand or surf but it has plenty more to offer.

jungle fish ubud infinity pool

Like its name suggests, it is located smack dab in the jungle. It is extravagant, luxurious, and I had no qualms about spending my entire day there. After paying 150,000 IDR just to enter, I wanted to milk every second I had in that pool. Our squad brought our laptops to grind away at work in the middle of our jungle swim sessions. I managed to zone in on my work in like six different places. From a hole in the wall to a swinging bed to one of those egg chairs, I was living my best damn life at Jungle Fish.

It is currently my favorite hangout spot in Ubud and I have yet to see if it can be topped. Surprisingly, it was not as crowded as I expected. It might help that it is a little bit out of the way and you have to traverse winding roads through the hilly jungles just to get to it. The guy who gave me directions described it as: “go until you think you have reached nothing and then all of a sudden, you are there.” It is the ideal spot for a hidden, exotic retreat from the rest of Bali.

jungle fish ubud infinity pool sunset

The Secret Valley Club, Alam Sambangan

This place is significantly lesser known than any other place on this list and maybe anywhere else in Bali. After melting in the sweltering heat, our driver herded us in the car to take us to a pre-designated lunch spot. We passed a stunning blue pool and immediately begged the driver to stop and let us go there instead.

He (bless his soul) literally drove in reverse down the road to backtrack to the restaurant, almost backing the van into a river in the process. The entrance fee is a measly 20,000, a fraction of what you’d have to pay for many of these other places. The massive pool was occupied only by locals and our group. This place was so far off the tourist trail yet it was absolutely stunning. Over the edge of the infinity pool was a stunning and vast view of the Balinese jungle and waterfalls.

secret valley club bali

The food was average but there were no complaints from our overheated crew. The place itself was also quite cute, which I know is important to a lot of you Instagrammers reading this right now. My friend and I joked about building an Instagram hotspot where people could go just to take pictures of all the cliched Instagram things. Then we ended up here. Swings, infinity pool, gorgeous view, giant sign with the name of the place, wall art, bean bags, and so on. It literally had everything an Instagrammer could dream of.

It’s a bit far out of the way if you aren’t already in the area. If you are going to Aling-Aling waterfalls or Git-Git waterfalls, it might be close enough to ask your driver to take you to. However, its location adds a certain appeal to it. It is a quiet, relaxing place to spend a day far from the hordes of tourists crowding the more well-known spots in Bali. Like its name suggests, it is indeed a Secret Valley Club. They’re so secretive that I can’t even find a website to link to.

The Lawn, Canggu

I could literally live here. After hearing things from my local friends that suggested this place was so overpriced and touristy, I was a bit skeptical about going to The Lawn. My friends insisted and I haven’t looked back since. Walking in, you just feel like you are walking into paradise.

the lawn ocean view canggu

I recommend going about an hour before sunset so it isn’t overly packed and you can get a table. The band will usually have started playing by then to add to the extremely chill ambiance. The food here is also amazing and reasonably priced. I could eat their nachos or fish and chips all day, every day. The coconut mojitos are also among the best mojitos I’ve had in Bali and go perfectly with the beachside vibe.

Jump into the infinity pool and catch the sunset. You will feel at least twenty times richer than you actually are, but in the words of Tom Haverford and Donna, treat yo’self. Canggu is one of my favorite towns in all of Bali and The Lawn is a big reason why. If you stick around long enough after sunset when all the families leave, the party really starts getting going. The music transitions from haunting ambiance to proper dance music and all the young, beautiful people of Bali crowd the dancefloor.

Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak

Potato Head Beach Club is another of Bali’s more jaw-dropping establishments. An amphitheater-like structure surrounds the area, which includes a swimming pool, two restaurants, three bars, and a 500-square-meter lawn area overlooking the Indian Ocean.

This beach club, especially the architecture, is definitely one of the more unique sights around Bali. From the outside looking in, you aren’t really sure what to expect from this place. Even the name doesn’t suggest the sophisticated feel that you will find inside. Despite this, it has quickly earned its reputation as one of Bali’s hottest spots.

potato head beach club bali
Photo by Lavinia Elysia

There are few places in Bali that can top Potato Head’s killer combo of tropical yet fancy. Palm trees dot the outdoor area and of course, the infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean is a huge draw for travelers looking for a taste of the good life. If you’re looking for the good life, you’ve definitely found it at Potato Head.

Omnia, Uluwatu

Omnia is probably one of the world’s most famous chain of nightclubs. Well, say hello to their foray into something slightly different: a day club. I mean, it makes sense. Uluwatu is one of Bali’s most stunning places. What’s the point of partying it up on the cliffs of Uluwatu if you can’t see the stunning views?

One of Bali’s pricier destinations, it is well worth the price tag if you are looking to treat yourself to an amazing day out. Omnia is luxury at its finest. Several pools overlooking the ocean. It is minimalistic yet extravagant. Sundays are the days to party in Uluwatu and Omnia’s Phoenix Sundays are where Bali’s most exclusive crowds like to party. Like most Omnias around the world, they boast performances from world-class DJs. Martin Garrix and Marshmello headline 2018’s grand opening party in late April.

If you’re looking for an upscale experience, there is nothing in Bali that can top Omnia. Surprisingly, there is no admission charge on regular days. However, many of the more exclusive seats require a minimum spend to be able to sit there. Smart casual is good enough to get into Omnia but swimsuits are mandatory for the pools. You should definitely bring your swimsuit because the pools at Omnia are jaw-droppingly unbelievable.

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14 thoughts on “The 5 Best Infinity Pools In Bali

  1. All these places look amazing. In particular, the pool overlooking directly to the jungle is pretty awesome 🙂 I would like to chill there at sunset.

    1. Loved the jungle pools more than the beach pools, even though the sunsets were definitely amazing at both.

  2. How did I miss the Jungle Fish pool in Ubud?! It looks amazing, and I want to visit Bali for a third time now! Plus the view in Uluwatu is incredible.

  3. What a cool idea for a post! I love Potato Head and The Lawn. Like you, I could literally sit there all day and all night. The kids love it too and being able to jump between the ocean and the pool is like the best of both worlds. Omnia looks amazing…. I have yet to stay in Uluwatu so I’ll remember it for next time.

  4. I have not been to Bali yet as I’ve heard so much from my friends who have been there that it’s just a typical beach destination with nothing much to do (which I’m not very much into). Nevertheless, interesting concept that makes Bali seem much more urban and modernised than the picture they’ve painted in my head. When you say “infinity pools”, the first thing that comes to mind is the one at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore though!

    1. I would very much disagree. There is so much to do in Bali that it is overwhelming. While it is an island, the beaches are far from the biggest draw.

  5. Great post- I am back to Bali next Wednesday and I love infinity pools. Our first week is in Ubud and the second week down on the beach and Seminyak. This trip a treat for my daughters and I – love your pics!

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