10 Countries You Can Book A Flight To For Under $500

Long-gone are the days of cheap $300 round trips for international flights. These days, it feels like finding anything under four digits is a good deal. However, do not despair. Many European airlines have taken initiative to make it possible to fulfill your wanderlust without shelling out thousands of dollars.

I’ve personally been able to find flights to these countries for under $500. Flight prices do change often, and timing is a major key to getting affordable flights. Most of these prices are for flights from major cities with international airports, so if you can’t find cheap flights in your city, maybe consider flying out of a different airport if possible. For example, flying internationally out of St. Louis can be extremely expensive, but taking a $20 bus ride to Chicago about four hours away can save you $500 or more.

Last year, I took over 20 international flights and the most expensive one was $480 to fly to the Czech Republic. A little bit of patience, diligence, and flexibility can save you an insane amount of money, and has been integral to me being able to travel full-time.

Without further ado, here are ten amazing countries you can fly to for really cheap.

10. The United Kingdom

For European airlines trying to enter the United States market, they start with flights from London to New York City. For this reason, it won’t be hard to find one-way flights below $200 and round-trip flights around $300-400. There is no shortage of things to do in London, and for those looking to explore Europe further, London is the best place to kick off your adventure. Flights through Ryanair can get you almost anywhere in Europe from London for sub-$100.

9. Sweden

Same with Oslo, it is possible now to fly Norwegian Airlines to Sweden. Whether you are wanting to travel directly to Sweden and explore its beauty, or use it as a take-off point for other places in Europe, a cheap flight to Sweden is not one to turn down. Like Norway and other parts of Europe, Sweden is pretty pricy when it comes to food, but it is still very affordable if you budget wisely!

8. Norway

Norwegian airlines has just started offering flights from Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, and other cities to Oslo for just $237 each way. Considering that it used to be over $1000, that’s one heck of a deal. They are looking to expand to more American airports in the near future, but for now, you better find your way to one of those airports if you’re looking for a perfect Scandinavian getaway. Watch out, though, just because the flight is pretty cheap doesn’t mean anything else is. You’ll probably be paying $20 minimum for every meal.

norway fjords

7. The Czech Republic

Polish Airlines also offers $490 round trip flights to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Here, you’ll find gorgeous architecture, the cheapest beer in all of Europe, and a never-ending party.  Stop by the beer gardens, where you can enjoy cheap, quality beer while taking in the views of the city. Hit up Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the Old Town Square, but these areas are particularly touristy, so don’t make them the focal point of your trip here. For those looking for extensive Eurotrips, Prague makes a great home base or starting point to fly anywhere else in Europe for dirt cheap prices.

prague old town square

6. Hungary

Through Polish Airlines, you can find yourself in one of the most unique and exotic destinations in Eastern Europe. Budapest has a lot to offer, with great food, nonstop nightlife, and breathtaking architecture and scenery. Budapest is a great place for a budget traveler to go, as hostels and hotels are affordable, and you won’t be shelling out too much cash for meals.
Budapest Parliament

5. Colombia

Colombia is still trying to rid itself of its association with drug cartels, and one of those ways is by increasing tourism to Cartagena, a coastal paradise that many people are not aware of. A safe city full of beaches, history, and some of the friendliest people in the world, it is a must-visit, especially while prices are so low. For those looking for a Rio or Sao Paulo-type trip at a fraction of the cost, this is the place to go.

tayrona colombia

4. Denmark

Along with the other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is a frequent stop for Norwegian Airlines, which if you recall from the earlier slides, is a low-cost leader for flights across the pond. Denmark is filled with incredible beauty, but is often negatively associated with high travel costs and being out of the way from central European destinations. That is beginning to change as it is now more affordable than ever to visit Denmark. Trust me, you’re going to love Denmark, especially Copenhagen.

nyhavn copenhagen


3. Martinique (France)

Flights start at just $79 through Norwegian Airlines, but you will easily find flights around this price range with other airlines. This gorgeous Caribbean Island is technically a part of France, for those of you cheaters who just want to say you’ve been to France ;). There’s plenty to do here, even if you just want to sit by the beach and take in the scenery all day. It’s a great alternative to the typical spring break trip if you are trying to avoid drunken crowded debauchery.

2. Spain

Through some airlines, it is possible to find one-way flights to Madrid and Barcelona for under $300. This is ideal for those wanting to take long Eurotrips as working your way east from Spain is a popular strategy. For those wanting to just spend time in Spain, this is not a bad price. The various civilizations that have inhabited Spain make for diverse traditions, cultures, and architecture everywhere you go. It is cheap and easy to get from city to city by high-speed rail, so a dream vacation in beautiful Spain is not out of the question for those with even the tightest of budgets.
barcelona beach


Did you know you could fly to Iceland for $100? A flight from Boston to Iceland can be booked for as low as $99. Iceland is doing what they can to increase tourism to their beautiful country, and that includes cheap airfare. Another cool thing they’re doing is offering free flights to Iceland if you decide you want to have a stopover there on your way back to the United States or Europe. I’m going for the first time this November, but I’ve heard amazing things about it!

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