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As an influencer, I have been written about by The Independent, VICE, VG, The Missourian, and more. I have made public speaking appearances at universities and live radio, as well as been the guest on various podcasts. I have worked with a diverse range of tour companies around the world, from Baz Bus and Reveler Tours in South Africa to Peru Hop and Ecuador Hop in South America. Among my most common clients are hostels and other accommodation options, from eco-lodges like Black Sheep Inn to luxury resorts like Hotel Poseidon. Traveling mainly as a backpacker, I have worked with powerhouse hostels like Selina, Slumber Party, St. Christophers Inn, Hostelling International, and Mad Monkey.

As a photographer, I have been featured by GoPro, The BBC, The Guardian, Cape Town Magazine, and various other publications. I placed 10th in an international competition hosted by Wikipedia's Wiki Loves Earth Foundation with over 85,000 entries. I have taken the role as lead photographer on a 6-week Bali co-working retreat with PACK, and provided additional photography support for their 4-week long retreat in Cape Town. I have worked with dozens of properties to help photograph their space and improve their social media and web presence and aesthetic.

As a writer, I have written articles featured in Time Out, Yahoo!, Jet Journal, The University of Missouri, and many more. I was a main content creator for Jet Journal for over a year, along with a role in marketing and community management. I have also written sponsored content for companies like Stoke Travel, Travello, HostGator, Luxury Retreats, JORD Watches, and more. The Partying Traveler blog has had over 500,000 readers and averages 30,000 visitors per month, with many articles ranking highly on Google search engine rankings.

I am available for all sorts of collaborations, from photography work to social media promotions, to blog commissions, press trips and more. For any promotional media inquiries, click here to access my press/media kit.

My photography portfolio is available on my other website,

You may also email me at directly for more information or if what you are inquiring about is not covered in the media kit! I would be happy to discuss any questions or potential collaborations.

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