Top 8 Nightlife Destinations in the United States

Nowhere else in the world can boast the variety and quality of nightlife like the United States can. From their big city speakeasy culture to sizzling Miami yacht parties to the year-round bacchanalian debauchery that you can only be found in Las Vegas, there is truly something to fit everyone’s party style. Although you won’t have a problem finding a good time wherever you choose to visit in the United States, these eight cities stand a cut above the rest.

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8. Chicago

Let’s kick off this list with the famed Windy City on the shores of Lake Michigan. My favorite thing to do in this city is find a sky-high terrace or rooftop bar and take in this vast city with its glistening silver skyscrapers in every direction. A close second is to hit up the bars of Wrigleyville and have a cheap good time with a raucous crowd, especially after a Cubs game. Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. There is literally a scene for everyone here, whether you are looking for a cozy bar, booming nightclub, or just a beer garden to pass the time on an unbeatable Chicago summer day.

7. Austin

Is it just me or did Austin come out of nowhere to become one of America’s most poppin’ cities? Austin has quickly become one of the liveliest, trendiest, and hottest cities in the U.S., in the heart of Texas, of all places. Who would’ve thought?

Austin has become a popular destination for young people, both chasing career moves and those settling permanently. With that, it is home to all of the trendiest fads that come with the youth. The nightlife scene, especially along Sixth Street, is top-notch. As a city boasting one of Texas’s largest colleges, there is always a crowd looking to have fun when class is in session.

6. Nashville

One of the most surprising things that I’ve come across during my travels is just how renowned of a destination Nashville is. I’m not just talking about how every dang midwestern young bride’s bachelorette party seems to be held there. People from all over the world know of Nashville and its party scene. Usually, when people talk about visiting the U.S., you get the typical destinations likely New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and so on. Nashville comes up surprisingly often.

I’m not entirely sure how Nashville has gained its reputation outside of the U.S., but every American worth their salt knows that there ain’t no party like a Nashville party.

5. New Orleans

Mardi Gras. Need I say more? NOLA is home to without a doubt the U.S.’s most famous party, if not the world’s. It is debauchery at its finest, a party that might seem like only a myth or a legend for those who have not been yet able to attend it. During the Mardi Gras season around February an March, the already raucous city gets even more wild. Head over to the French Quarter and you will find a street party unlike any other, with the beads flowing as generously as the alcohol.

Apart from Mardi Gras, New Orleans is home to a lively nightlife scene throughout the year. It is perhaps the heart of the South and lives up to its storied reputation as a hub of culture, music, and fun.

4. New York City

The city that never sleeps lives up to its reputation. As far as nightlife goes, New York City might boast the most diverse in all of the United States. Both in terms of nightlife variety and the people that frequent it. Whether you have been a New Yorker all your life or are a newbie chasing your dreams in the Big Apple, the city accommodates.

NYC is easily the most happening city in the U.S. That goes for whether you’re looking for a night you won’t remember or something a little more cultured. Speakeasies litter the city and with NYC being one of the most forward cities in the U.S., the hottest trends almost always start in the Big Apple. You never run out of things to do in NYC, and you’ll never run out of places to drink either. It seems like the new hottest bar in town opens up every other week, offering an endless variety of nightlife options to choose from.

3. Los Angeles

The City of Angels is where people go to be seen. The nightlife here is sizzling. Arguably the sexiest city in the U.S., a night out in Los Angeles will have you partying with only the finest. With its perfect weather, plethora of celebrities, and a culture revolving around having a good time, Los Angeles is a place unlike any other in the U.S. It’s a city where dream chasers hustle and grind during the day and let loose at night.

With so many nightlife districts to choose from, Los Angeles is much more than just a city revolving around fame and influence. Just like New York City, it might just boast the most diverse selection of nightlife options in the country. Of course, if you are just traveling to L.A., then you are going to want to hit up the hottest Hollywood clubs, but local Angelenos know there is much more to L.A. nightlife than Hollywood.

2. Las Vegas

Where does one even begin with the City of Sin? I have been to Vegas a half-dozen times and it never gets old. This city was built for unforgettable nights that unfortunately, most people don’t actually end up remembering. The world’s best DJs flock to Vegas’s extravagant clubs to stage only wildest of ragers. We could use all of the superlatives for Vegas. The craziest parties, the sexiest women, the skimpiest dresses, and the most legendary nights out that one can imagine.

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

1. Miami

Bienvenidos a Miami. Amazing weather year-round combined with the hottest people in the country make for the most sizzling nightlife that you could imagine. The nightclub scene in Miami is unlike any other. And unlike cities like New York and Chicago whose nightlife may take a blow during the winter season, Miami’s party doesn’t stop. Whether you choose to party bus your way to King of Diamonds or have a raucous time on a yacht, Miami will deliver.

Whatever you like dancing to, Miami has it. There are plenty of choices to party no matter what type of music you are into. You will undoubtedly have a lot of Latin clubs, but you can always switch it up with options from house and trance to the hottest hip-hop clubs in the country like Cameo Miami. Some of the world’s best DJs come to Miami to spin the best parties. A night out at one of the many nightclubs will definitely give you a good chance to run into a celebrity or multiple. The big names know it to be true, there ain’t no party like a Miami party.

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