A Month In Cape Town Part 1: Escape To Africa

Did I impulsively decide to just live in Cape Town for a month? Yes. Did I just steal the title of a Madagascar movie for this blog post? Also yes.

Traveling has been one of the most important things in my life over the last three years. However, with all of the memories you make while traveling, you also miss out on quite a lot of memories back home with those closest to you. In short, 2018 held several massive turning points in my life, and about two months ago, I was dealt a clean slate. It was a brutal clean slate but a clean slate nonetheless.

After wallowing in my sorrows for several weeks, I decided to seek solace in the thing that I knew I could count on to make me feel alive again. Traveling. Within a day of stepping foot back into the United States, I booked a series of flights that would eventually lead me to Cape Town, South Africa.

First, a flight to London to see some of my closest friends that I had made while backpacking. Also, the flight was only $200 but guys I promise it was mostly to see you ;). Second, a flight to Barcelona to let loose in my favorite city for a week. And let loose I did. Finally, a flight to Cape Town to go on my second trip with PACK co-working retreats.

The itinerary was set. Despite titling this post “escape to Africa”, I prefer to view it as snatching the opportunity at an empowering fresh start rather than running away from my problems. It would be my first real trip to Africa, a continent that I had only grazed once on a cruise ship stop in Tunisia. I can’t say that I was particularly nervous or anxious about the trip but I knew (and hoped) that it would be a much different experience than most of my trips in the past.

Two weeks in, I believe I have made one of the best choices in my life by coming to this city. It is hard not to fall in love with Cape Town, a city nestled between towering mountains and powerful oceans. A city where vibrance reigns supreme, constantly teeming with life and excitement. A city where all sorts of vagabonds, nomads, and misfits can feel at home and welcome.

From the challenging treks to the lazy beach days, the thunderous nightclubs to the chilled out coffee shops, the modernity that a digital nomad requires to the omnipresent celebration of its African roots, Cape Town is a city that I could only have possibly dreamed up.


Well, this city is real and I have barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Being here has revitalized my love and passion for exploring, storytelling, and life. There is an epic sunset to chase every single day. There is a challenging trail to hike every single day. After surviving those difficult weeks before this trip when I felt I had nothing left, every single day matters again.

Most importantly, I began to rediscover the real reason I loved traveling in the first place. The people you meet. There is a lot to learn from the people you find in this city. Everyone has their own story to tell, their own passions to share, and experiences to learn from. Sure, you might think you can say that for every big city really but Cape Town is just… different. It feels like many people that end up here have a wild rabbit they are chasing, or perhaps they’ve already caught their wild rabbit here.

It’s hard to explain what it is about this city, a city where shoes are optional and friendly smiles are required. Before arriving here, all I would hear were horror stories about the dangers of traveling in South Africa. And yes, some of those horror stories are justified. The scars of racism have yet to entirely heal. Poverty can be seen in every corner of the city. Safety is still a major concern for those that aren’t careful, whether it’s flashing expensive jewelry or forgetting to lock your car doors.

Objectively, Cape Town is far from a perfect city but it would be an injustice to yourself if you let those stories deter you from experiencing what the city has to offer. It isn’t just about the city itself, it is about who you become when you indulge yourself in what Cape Town offers.

Sore, exhausted, and out of breath at the end of a challenging trek, you become a conqueror. Thousands of pictures and a multitude of experiences later, you become a storyteller. You can be yourself or you can be no one at all. No matter what your vibe is, you will find it in Cape Town, and you become alive.


45 thoughts on “A Month In Cape Town Part 1: Escape To Africa

  1. I think that sums up Cape Town very well indeed… It is by far my favourite city too. The sea, the sun, the smiles, the food and the hikes. What more can we ask for…

  2. Amazing as always! Great to see a new post from you! I hope all is okay on your front now – clean slate and all! 🙂

  3. Great story! As I’m reading I could absolutely feel your joy. I think every places has dangerous sides crimes happen and it’s not in our control the most important thing is to be vigilant especially as a traveler. Love the pictures by the way. Keep sharing your story!

  4. Cape Town is leading the way in designing public spaces for social impact. Amazing to see the results! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have taken the decision to move to another country for a month, last year, and it was the best thing ever. I felt so empowered and I did thinks that I wouldn’t have at home, like learn how to driver a motorbike for example.

  6. Sounds beautiful, I’ve always wanted to visit Africa. Funny, I was expecting like animal photos but was surprised to see beautiful beach view.

  7. I have never been in Cape Town but base in what I read here it was a nice place to visit and if I do visit this place will to trekking and swim in a beautiful beach too!

  8. id love to visit Cape Town myself ! and please do include more photos as i have really enjoy seeing the place through your eyes

    1. oh man, everyone who hasn’t considered Africa is definitely missing out. There’s so much on this continent and I’ve barely scraped the surface

  9. Just found your blog and I freaking love it. So funny. Love your stuff a lot. I’m backpacking Europe next fall and I’m planning on bar hopping quite a bit. This sight is seriously perfect.

    I’m a satire and travel blogger myself, so if you ever want some recommendations and humor feel free to check out my page!

  10. Never been there nor experience those things that you’ve done from every travels that you’ve had. I can feel your excitement and enjoyment in this travel upon reading this article. And yeah, I agree with you that meeting new people will help you to improve yourself.

  11. I love the stunning views of Cape Town, sometimes its nice to read actual accounts of traveller’s notes on a place they have been to rather than a magazine. Love your sharings here, I want to see and read more

  12. Africa is high on my life is places to see! I am going to bookmark this guide, because its so amazing! Love the photos.

  13. I absolutely love Cape Town. I can’t wait to be back there in February! That city definitely has a way of reviving people.

  14. “…a city where shoes are optional and friendly smiles are required.” Lol, what an apt description! I believe you can’t consider yourself a true Capetonian until you’ve done barefoot grocery shopping. You are the kind of tourist we love – you see the beauty that shines through the flaws and shortcomings. Come back soon – you can kick off your travelling shoes under our table (mountain) any time!

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