4 Major Reasons Why Staying In A Hostel Sucks

Traveling Is Supposed To Be Hard And Hostels Make It Too Easy

If you aren’t struggling every single moment of every single day, you are not immersing yourself deeply enough into the culture. Hostels are notorious for helping their guests organize transportation, future accommodations, guided tours, and anything else you can imagine. If you want to do something in an area, the hostel will get it taken care of for you. A true traveler would never go for such a thing. If you aren’t roaming around the plains of Kyrgyzstan reading a hand-made map derived from eight weeks of reading the stars and etched onto a cantaloupe rind, then you aren’t fit to call yourself a true traveler.

You’re Going To Meet Too Many People From Different Countries

Everyone knows from watching the news that all people from all countries hate one another and are definitely not supposed to get along. A single hostel dormitory can represent almost a dozen different countries. Why would you even think about doing this? Every person from every country is exactly the same as the news negatively portrays. Paranoia is your best friend while traveling abroad.  Do your part in preventing World War 3 by boycotting hostels. Actually, don’t even leave your house anymore. The world is an evil place.

You Might Save Too Much Money

The more money you spend on your accommodation, the less money that leaves for you to frivolously spend on ice sculptures. Depending on the country, staying at a hostel can be as little as $3 a night. Such a small amount of money leaves travelers a lot of leeway to be fiscally irresponsible. Thankfully, that $3 a night hostel was in a small town in Thailand, where my urges to purchase ice sculptures were denied when I realized that ice, let alone an ice sculpture, was nearly impossible to find. To avoid staying in hostels means to avoid impulsively purchasing intricate effigies forged from ice.

You Might Make Too Many Friends

Hostels are infamous hotbeds for gang culture. That is why so many unique, open-minded, friendly travelers from across the world choose to congregate in them. Traveling solo? Staying at a hostel means that it likely won’t take long before you are initiated into a gang, making them popular meeting points for vagabonds to make “friends”. The worst part about making all of those friends? Definitely the goodbyes. Goodbyes suck. Avoid the pain of repeatedly having to meet amazing people and having your heart torn to shreds when you have to part ways with them shortly afterwards. If you stay in a hotel by yourself, you will not have to feel the excruciating pain of getting attached to strangers only to have your heart ripped out of your chest when that inevitable goodbye comes and you have to accept that you are likely never going to see one another ever again.

Well, there you have it. Do yourself and the world a big favor by never ever staying in a hostel.

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