Top Luxury European Locations for Friends Reunions

Meeting those school friends after eons? Or simply want a memorable getaway? Make it unique with the suggestions we give below!

Go Glamping in Italy

Glamping is growing in popularity, particularly among people who are used to investing a significant amount of money in their vacations and who, although not willing to forego comfort, are increasingly seeking new experiences and emotions, even outdoors. 

Between The Lagoon of Venice and The Brenta River

We are located between the Venetian lagoon and the river Brenta, where the noble Venetian families had their summer residences, just a few kilometres from the ever-fascinating Venice. We can say that you can feel the charm of the past even here: we are located between the Venetian lagoon and the river Brenta, where the noble Venetian families had their summer residences.

Sicilian Glamping

Sicily is the most famous Italian island, with a total area of 9,927 square miles. It is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina and is bordered by many smaller islands, each with its different scenery.

Sicily is an excellent vacation destination for couples, families, and groups, with lots of beauty, history, and things to see and do.

Go for a cave home in Turkey, helicopter glamping in England, Geodesic Domes beneath the Northern Lights, or something unique!

Croatia by Yacht

A sailing yacht charter experience in Croatia is something that everyone should do at least once, with one of the most beautiful coastlines and numerous island gems. With so much beautiful landscape, natural beauty, countless unspoilt beaches, and quiet coves with turquoise seas for swimming on the Croatian coast, chances are you’ll be returning after your first Croatia sailing boat rental. Not to mention visiting Croatia’s interior regions, which are rich in ancient monuments and intriguing medieval towns.

Dalmatian Islands Yacht Tour, Croatian Islands, Oysters And Wine, And Adriatic Islands, Cities And Waterfalls are just a few of the fantastic sailing excursions available.

Visiting famous treasures like the cosmopolitan islands of Hvar with its bustling nightlife, unspoiled historical monuments, wineries, and lavender fields may be part of a week spent cruising the Croatian islands on a private boat. 

Alternatively, you might dock your Croatia charter boats in Korcula, which has a picture-perfect walled town replete with gates, walls, and towers.

Croatia’s yacht charter season begins in May and ends in October. The weather is typically perfect, with bright sunny days. While the water is initially chilly, it warms up by early July and reaches its highest temperature in late August. September is the ideal month to hire a boat in Croatia since prices are 15 to 20% lower than in July and August. The weather is beautiful, the sea is pleasant, and the people have thinned out.

Road trip Ireland

Green rolling hills, craggy coastal cliffs, and windswept rock formations may come to mind when you think of Ireland. You will be rewarded with all of this and more when you visit this Celtic nation!

There are numerous reasons why it is an excellent vacation location for a friends’ reunion, including favourite sites like the Cliffs of Moher.

From Vikings and Celts to warrior clans, Irish history spans decades, if not millennia. As a result, there are an estimated 30,000 castles and ruins scattered across the nation. If time permits, you may visit as many as you want throughout your trip.

Ireland is a destination worth visiting not just for its natural beauty and history but also for its vibrant environment. The Irish are renowned around the globe for their festive celebrations, and the nation organizes several events and festivals throughout the year.

This includes the TradFest, which takes place in January in Dublin. It is Ireland’s most significant traditional music event.

A pub crawl (also known as bar hopping or bar crawling), another favourite thing to do in Ireland, is the act of travelling from bar to bar with a large number of people and enjoying a drink at each venue in one night. It usually entails walking or using public transportation, so be prepared to walk a little.

You’ll meet other travellers and locals with a diverse range of personalities, adding colour and memories to your unforgettable night out. The ideal approach to immerse yourself in the local nightlife while sharing a shared experience!

The rules are simple: meet up with the other participants and local guides at the beginning location, enjoy one or two drinks there, and then travel to another nearby pub to repeat the process. Pub crawls often include visits to four or five different establishments, including pubs and nightclubs.

A pub crawl entitles you to free admission to all of the bars, taverns, and clubs you visit. The most significant thing is that you’ll get free shots everywhere you go, as well as a special menu with drink savings.

Beach-Villa in Greece

Greece has a diverse food and beverage offering, including various Greek wines and well-known dishes. Discover island specialities as well as hearty meals in highland communities. Cooked with a healthy dose of Greek olive oil, enjoy fresh fish and seasonal veggies. Visiting Greece is a sensory overload.

Crete is a unique place. It’s a one-of-a-kind island with a vibrant mix of old and modern, whose sheer variety casts a spell over everyone who comes. Visitors are frequently astonished by the combination of beautiful Crete villas to rent, surrounded by long sandy beaches, rocky coves, and towering cliffs. 

Choose from luxury villa rentals in Crete among ancient Minoan palaces or Venetian and Turkish invaders’ castles and mosques. Modern interior comforts, pools, and elegant architecture are included in well-equipped vacation homes in Crete.

Holiday villas in Crete provide travellers with solitude and well-selected lodgings. Modern Cretans maintain customs and folklore alive while being surrounded by millennia of preserved history. This rich tapestry of culture is placed against the stunning backdrop of this well-known Greek island.

Narrowboat Scotland’s Canals

Originally built to carry coal, Scotland’s canals are now used mainly by recreational boats for canal boat vacations and provide a wide range of sights along the way, including tunnels, Scotland’s highest viaduct over the River Avon, and swing bridge locks.

Boating vacations in Scotland are trendy, and travelling down the Forth and Clyde canal is a beautiful opportunity to take in the country’s stunning landscape.

You may spend a leisurely week sailing between Falkirk and Glasgow, or you can go east on the Union Canal between Falkirk and Edinburgh to see Scotland in the other way.

 You may reach one of these cities and return for a more rigorous short vacation, or many visitors choose a two-week stay here to see both of these sites.

Summing Up

If you are wondering if reconnecting with your old friends is a good idea, well, there is no question about that. The only question is the place. So, pack your bags, and get ready to have some ‘Last Vegas’ moments, even if you are young. Don’t forget to wear a mask, though!