Best European High-End Weekend Party Destinations

European countries should undoubtedly be on your must-visit list, especially if you want to go somewhere where culture and history are constantly present.

However, as educational as a trip to Europe might be, this doesn’t mean you can’t go and enjoy a good party while you’re there. In fact, many European countries have a thriving and vibrant party scene that vacationers can enjoy while they’re there.

With that said, here are the top high-end weekend party destinations in Europe.


Before you go partying all night, it’s best to first enjoy the day by renting a canal boat and stay on the boat for the weekend in Wales. Here, you can discover beautiful places, such as Brecon Canals, Monmouthshire, Montgomery, and Llangollen. You can also watch the world slowly pass by while you enjoy the ride.

Throughout history, narrowboats travel around Wales through an extensive canal network carrying minerals and coals to the world. Yes, Wales has some enchanting expanse of water, specifically its historic canals.

These canals were made during the peak of the commercial revolution. In fact, here, you can explore the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct by Thomas Telford at Llangollen. 

This is considered the tallest canal globally, taking boats over 18 brick arches, 126 feet above the ground. Nearby this famous canal is the Chirk Aqueduct, which is impressive as a railway bridge runs alongside it.

After your trip, you can end your day in Cardiff. Cardiff is a social capital where you can enjoy memorable gigs, pop-up dining, and world-class sporting events. Then, to complete your night with a party, you can take a pint of alcohol in “The City Arms,” the oldest pub in the city centre.


Prague is a place where beer is inexpensive compared to water, and everybody takes advantage of that. So, want to experience a great weekend party in Prague? If so, below are some of the best clubs and bars in the city you must visit! 

Prague Czechia

Music Bar in Lucerna

Close to the busy Wenceslas square, the famous Music Bar located in Lucerna is one of Prague’s biggest clubs. Though the club has extensive dance floors, the place gets crowded within minutes. In addition, the site is also a venue for concerts of people with big names. 

Karlovy Lazne

Some locals might tell you not to visit this place. However, there is a reason foreign partygoers come to this place. After all, it’s known as the largest club in the centre of Europe. 

In fact, the club has five floors and elevators with dance floors that play every kind of music. They also have a bar inside, where you can enjoy drinks, although they may require you to pay a fee. 

Hemingway Bar

The Hemingway Bar is one of the best bars in Prague, known for serving top-quality cocktails. The bar got its name from Ernest Hemingway, who is a guy who loves to drink. 

In fact, the bar boasts a menu of over 200 rums, including a wide selection of absinthe. Because of this, Hemingway is undoubtedly a place for pleasure seekers. 


Before you go clubbing in Ibiza, make sure you have a comfortable place to stay and waste away. Below are two luxury rentals where you can enjoy infinity pools, nightclubs, and food cooked by private chefs.

Villas in Ibiza can boast 360-degree panorama of the countryside and the sea towards Formentera. If you have expensive taste you can get a villa known to be the most exclusive high-end luxury villa rental in Ibiza. 

Moreover, a lot of villas have yoga and massage areas, big outdoor pools, and deep in-room tubs. However, most importantly, they are safe places, surrounded by CCTV and a property fence. 

If you want a place that, has it all, then consider staying in villa near the night life. Some villas have a nightclub of their own with adequate space and a bar that is soundproofed. Moreover, the lounge has a DJ mixer, CD turntables, and a perfect lighting system.

Here, you can enjoy the view while dipping yourself in an infinity pool, hot tub, or at their rooftop cocktail. Then, after you party, detox your body in a steam room or the gym. However, if you still want to go out of your villa and party outside, you can visit “Hi Ibiza,” one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza. 

Hi Ibiza

Hi Ibiza, formally known as “Space,” was awarded as the best club globally in 2018. You can find this famous nightclub near the airport in Playa d’en Bossa. 


Did you know that Amsterdam is the capital of party lovers in the Netherlands? After all, Amsterdam has a reputation for hospitality as it welcomes its visitors with wide and open arms. 

Because of this, there are several activities to keep you busy throughout the weekend – from partying in nightclubs to enjoying the scenery of the place itself. 

amsterdam bikes

Still, if you are more of a partygoer, here are some clubs you must experience:

Club Escape

You can quickly locate the “Club Escape” in Amsterdam. It’s a club that plays high-quality music in all kinds of genres. 

So, if you visited the city to party away, Club Escape is the best place for you. Moreover, they offer the best drinks and even get a welcome shot for free as a newcomer. 


On the other hand, if you are a hip-hop or R&B lover, Superclub is the best option for you. In fact, the club is unique as it is linked to a gallery. So, you can still get the same party mood without being involved physically in the gallery and witness mind-blowing musical performances. 

Additionally, there is a restaurant inside the club that offers food in the form of art. As a result, their meals are both mouth-watering and delicious. 


Overall, European countries are popular among travellers and vacationers worldwide due to their rich historical and cultural backgrounds. Indeed, going on a trip to European countries can be both educational and exciting.

However, many European countries also feature an exciting party scene, making them popular weekend party destinations as well.