Best Casinos in Berlin

For those that enjoy playing traditional casino games either in a land-based casino or online there is nothing better than visiting casinos in other parts of the world and finding out how they do things. Various destinations across the world are home to a plethora of casinos, here you can check out these guys to find some of the best providers online in your area.

Berlin is not only a fun city for anyone that likes to immerse themselves in the night life, but also a great place to visit for those that enjoy gambling.

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Alongside the famous historical sites, impressive museums, and beautiful galleries, there are plenty of casinos to choose from, so players can combine a city exploration with a chance to win big. Some of the most popular casinos include:

Casino WestSpiel Alexanderplatz 

With admission from as little as one Euro, and a relatively relaxed dress code, there is a lot to like about this glamorous casino. There are two gaming floors with plenty of choice in games, but it’s not so big that it feels unwelcoming or overwhelming. 

The second floor of the casino is dedicated to blackjack and roulette, but there are all the games that a casino fan would expect to find in a casino. For those that want to get a little more intense, there are card tables and they hold poker tournaments every single day. 

The casino is known for its world-class beers and it also has an extensive cocktail menu, so it’s an ideal place to enjoy a quiet drink and do some people watching in between games.

Baden Baden Casino

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The Black Forest may be better known for it’s delicious gateau, but the outskirts are also home to one of the most popular casinos in the area. The Baden Baden Casino was designed in 1824 by Friedrich Weinbrenner and embodies the opulence that was the fashion at the time.

In keeping with the beautiful surroundings, the atmosphere at the Baden Baden Casino oozes luxury and the house rules are designed to preserve this. Guests are expected to dress the part and the entrance fee is commensurate with the glamorous surroundings. 

Visitors may want to explore the local town, visit the beautiful arboretum or even take the waters at one of the relaxing spas that made the town famous throughout Europe in its heyday. The casino is surrounded by the best the area has to offer, from galleries bursting with important works to museums and even a funicular railway that takes visitors up the nearby Merkur Mountain.

Casino Potsdamer Platz

As one of Berlin’s best-known casinos, the Casino Potsdamer Platz has earned a reputation throughout Germany as the place to play. It has recently re-opened after a year of intensive renovation that has seen an entire building upgrade with modernisation at its heart and the casino is now at the cutting edge of Germany’s gaming scene.

As you would expect, the casino offers a variety of traditional games such as blackjack and roulette, with gaming options spread over an incredible six floors. There are forty gaming tables and eighteen LED walls that are set to display work from one of the world’s most famous 3D artists, Marc Pantenburg.

The design of the building prioritises the guest experience, while also incorporating a variety of energy saving measures, so the cooling ceiling that delivers crisp, fresh air to the casino is actually a completely natural air conditioner. Guests can look out for the impressive chandelier – at four meters wide, this crystal-bedecked lighting feature weighs more than a ton.

Spielbank Fernsehturm

As one of the smaller casinos in the capital, part of the appeal of this cosy gaming space is its location. It sits right beneath the Television Tower (the Fernsehturm) making it a landmark as well as a great place to enjoy a little glamorous gaming among the rich and famous of Berlin’s casino scene.

There are all the games you would expect and there are daily poker tournaments at cash tables for those that like to really engage with traditional gaming. As well as Texas Hold ‘Em, you can also play Sit’n Go and Fast and Deep on certain days, although you may have to ask the staff and these games traditionally have high buy-ins.

The dress code specifies closed-toed shoes and no shorts for men, but the vibe is relatively casual. Players can opt for packages that include an entire evening’s entertainment with dinner at the Casino Royale restaurant and champagne service.

Berlin is a great play for casino lovers who appreciate the variety on offer across the choice of casinos. There are options for those that want to live the high life and immerse themselves in the excitement of high-rolling casino floors, but players can also choose a more relaxing gaming environment for a fun night out.

From traditional architecture and grandiose surroundings that hark back to the early days of gaming clubs for aristocrats, to the very latest in technological gameplay, you can take a trip through time when you play in Berlin.