Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Pakistan

I’ve been leading group expeditions to Pakistan for three years now (and going for my fourth year next August 2024) and it is no secret that I am one of the biggest advocates for traveling to this underrated and misunderstood country. The sheer contrast between everything I’ve been told about the country and the amazing experience I’ve actually had year after year is drastic. Before visiting Pakistan for the first time, everyone, including myself, thought the idea was insane. After the initial culture shock, I quickly fell in love with Pakistan. Bringing dozens of travelers from all over the world to experience this country has become my favorite and most fulfilling part of my travels.

Pakistan is country that has welcomed me with open arms and showered me with nothing but love and hospitality everywhere I went. It is one of the most unfairly judged countries I have ever been to, and everyone who has come along to experience the country with me will tell you they feel the same. While it may take a lot of convincing for people to consider Pakistan as a travel destination, I will try my absolute best. Here are my top ten reasons to visit Pakistan.

The Hospitality and Kindness of the Pakistani People

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Let’s start with the thing that surprised me and won me over the most. The hospitality in Pakistan is on another level entirely. Never have I experienced such kindness from the people of a country like I have in Pakistan. It stems from a genuine joy of seeing travelers in their country, of which there are not many of. They won’t let the opportunity pass up to show travelers an unforgettable time, happily welcoming you into their home, showering you with gifts, and dropping whatever they’re currently doing to become your tour guide. Not once has their ever been an ulterior motive behind a Pakistani showing kindness to me.

In Pakistan, most people will go so far out of their way to help you and ask nothing in return. You’ll often have to insist to pay for things as travelers are seen as guests from God, and to show them the utmost hospitality is part of their culture. This is true no matter where I traveled in Pakistan, from the city folk of Lahore to the small villages in the north.

Its Rugged and Untamed Natural Beauty

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If you’ve followed along on social media, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the breathtaking natural beauty of Pakistan. Despite boasting many of the world’s tallest peaks, Pakistan often gets overlooked as a trekking destination. In Northern Pakistan, one can literally find the intersection of the world’s three tallest mountain ranges, the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalayas.

The best part of Pakistan’s natural beauty is just how rugged, untamed, and wild it feels. With the absence of tourists, in many places, you’ll truly feel alone with nature. I love the outdoors. The mountains are where I feel the most alive, and in a place like Pakistan, I’ve never felt more alive. Although I’ll admit, there are times where I definitely was not sure I would survive. That’s part of the raw adventure of Pakistan.

There is so much natural beauty in this country, from its towering peaks like K2 and Nanga Parbat, to the bright colors of the Naltar Lakes, its snowy deserts to dense alpine forests, Pakistan will simply shock you. I’ve spent months in Pakistan and the diversity and raw power of its natural beauty never ceases to surprise me.

Tourists are Few and Far Between

Pakistan used to be a popular tourist destination, but after 9/11, international tourism grinded to a halt in Pakistan. Terrorism and safety concerns have deterred tourists from visiting, and although Pakistan is much safer now, it has yet to rebuild its reputation as a tourist destination. While I predict and genuinely hope that travelers come back to Pakistan in droves, now is a great time to visit the country and take advantage of the absence of tourists. You’ll be taking on world-class treks, fully immersed in the natural beauty of Pakistan without another soul around. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination to avoid the tourist crowds of the summer, Pakistan might be for you.

The Delicious Diversity of Food

Pakistani food is incredible, and it is much more diverse than I ever expected. The different cultures of Pakistan contribute to just how varied the cuisine also is. Along with the classic dals and karahis and neharis, you’ll find that each region has their own unique dishes and flavors. I can be stuffing chickpeas into my chapati in Lahore, and then subsisting solely off of dumplings and dawdo in Hunza Valley. I’ve spent months traveling through Pakistan and have yet to tire of the food. Even if it can occasionally be repetitive, it is consistently delicious.

Be warned, though. You’ll want to give your stomach a little time to adjust to the foods. They can be heavy in oil and your stomach might not be used to the different bacteria. For most travelers visiting Pakistan, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

The Abundance of Different Cultures, Languages, and Peoples

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Pakistan might be one of the most ethnically-diverse countries I’ve ever visited. It is so full of unique cultures and indigenous peoples. In a week, one can be dancing traditional dances with the Shina at Fairy Meadows, playing music with the Burushaski people at Karimabad, and then weaving with the Wakhi people in Ghulkin. All of these places are merely hours away from each other, yet each has their own cultural identity and language.

Music and Dancing Are a Huge Thing in Pakistan

Now this may not matter to some, but considering that Pakistan is a (mostly) dry country and this blog is called The Partying Traveler, I’ve got to let loose somehow. Luckily, Pakistan has one of my favorite music scenes in the world. The music is so diverse, but no matter where you go, dancing is sure to follow. I’ve danced around bonfires with the Shina, learned to play the rubab with the Burusho, and twirled until I couldn’t twirl anymore to countless Pashto bangers. Music makes everything better, and brings people together in a way everyone can communicate even when a language barrier exists. Like I said, it may not seem like a big thing, but the atmosphere and energy of Pakistan is simply made much better by the omnipresence of music, singing, dancing, and the happiness that follows.

The Richness of its History and Heritage

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Although the state of Pakistan has a relatively recent history, the cultures and heritage of its people and monuments dates back thousands of years. There are the archaeological sites of Taxila and Mohenjo Daro representing ancient Indus Valley civilizations. Monuments from the Mughal Empire like Badshahi Mosque are iconic to the country.

Like I mentioned earlier, Pakistan has dozens of different cultures and peoples, each with their own history. The Pashtun, the Hunzai, the Balti, the Chilasi, Punjabis, the list goes on. It is extremely fascinating to travel between regions and learn about their culture, history, beliefs, music, and lifestyles.

The Vibrant Chaos of its Cities

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For those that seek adrenaline, it can be as simple as navigating a cramped Bazaar street in Lahore. There is never a dull moment in the cities of Pakistan, and those who crave sensory overload will find joy in visiting the cities of Pakistan. Rickshaws roaring through the streets as locals effortlessly weave through traffic, it’s organized chaos at its finest. Finding yourself in the throes of a crowded market is one heck of an experience.

Its Affordability as a Travel Destination

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Pakistan is about as budget-friendly of a destination as it gets. A decent hotel can be as cheap as $20-30 USD a night. One will struggle to spend more than $5 per meal, and loading up on snacks and drinks at a tuck shop never ceases to surprise me when the cashier rings me up. You can get 30 bags of those little Nimko Mix snack bags for a dollar!! Now, not everything in Pakistan is cheap, as you’ll still have to shell out a bit of money if you plan on trekking in those mountains. However, general day-to-day life in Pakistan is perhaps the most affordable I’ve found throughout the world.

The Laid-Back Way of Living

This might not be a selling point for some, but I adore the concept of Pakistani time. Things in Pakistan work on their own time, and once you embrace it, it might be the most relaxed country you ever travel to. Your driver might stop for chai in the middle of a long drive. Your guides might take a prolonged break along a river to take in the views during a hike. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and the people in Pakistan definitely stop to smell the roses. Go with the flow, and you’ll find that traveling through Pakistan is not so stressful after all.

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Pakistan can be a rewarding travel destination for those seeking unique experiences, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural history. If you’re up for that challenge, sign up for my Pakistan expeditions, or feel free to take on the thrilling chaos of the country on your own. You won’t regret it.

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