Exploring Las Vegas Hotels Without Casinos

You can experience all the glamor in Las Vegas without entering a casino. The entertainment options range from luxury treatments to leisurely sipping Piña Coladas by the poolside. It’s an opportunity for a sensuous spending spree; you can explore high-end shops beyond the typical slot machines and roulette tables. The city offers many accommodations, including studio parlors and rooms with stunning fountain views. The sun continues to rise at The Vegas Strip during the “Cirque du Soleil.”

aerial photography of city during evening

So, if you want to visit Vegas away from the hustle of rolling dice, keep scrolling to learn about a “casino-less” Vegas. However, before we dive into our list, it’s worth mentioning that in today’s digital-first world, online platforms offer a variety of casino games, enabling players to enjoy some gambling while staying at any Las Vegas hotel. Therefore, you can live the best of both worlds by staying at the hotel of your dreams and placing online bets from the comfort of your room.

These platforms provide all kinds of games that are usually available at land-based casinos. Take the roulette game as an example; gambling enthusiasts can play roulette online for real money or cryptocurrencies with advanced technologies engaged to ensure a fair and random gaming experience for players. Moreover, these platforms offer welcome bonuses to encourage players and attract them. The same applies to other casino games like poker, baccarat, and slot games.

Vdara Hotel & Spa

A modern boutique hotel in the heart of Las Vegas where guests can enjoy a gaming-free intimate zone. With fountain views and studio apartments, there’s room for furry friends. Experience poolside differently, sipping on handcrafted cocktails in lounge pools and personal cabanas.

The Vdara Spa, a two-floor getaway, has been awarded the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating for five consecutive years. Individuals who enjoy a little teaser can find live comedy shows, and those who seek a bit of sophistication can contemplate the meaning behind refined art at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. The decadent meals may stack a few extra pounds; nevertheless, individuals need not worry because visiting the Vdara is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas that aren’t casinos.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Those looking for adventure and excitement can stay at the non-smoking and non-gaming Five Diamond Oasis, the Four Seasons Hotel. Located off the Las Vegas Strip, guests can explore nature’s phenomena, such as kayaking through the Canyons rivers or flying above the Grand Canyon’s sculpted red layers.

The hotel guarantees leisure time, curated by the award-winning concierge and premium service. The dim lights in The Comedy Cellar resonate with the laughter of the Four Seasons comedy club, featuring headline stand-up comedians.

Committed to convenience and environmentally friendly accommodations, there is much more to explore at the Four Seasons Hotel. From sporting events to Cirque du Soleil, the night ends perfectly in the world’s most over-the-top hotel rooms and a Forbes Five-Star Spa.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas remains the place where it all started: at the Sky Bar beyond the stars, a portal to the glittering skyline. The Waldorf Astoria has floor-to-ceiling windows that welcome day and night from the luxury of king beds.

At the Waldorf, there is room for routine, such as taking a break mid-day in the Waldorf Tea Lounge overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. English tea has never tasted better in the American lands. The Waldorf Spa takes wellness into personal care, offering a customizable experience suitable for each preference. Restaurants, shops, and in-resort gyms provide enough activities to keep any individual too busy to consider locations away from the premium Astoria lodging.

Alexis Park All Suite Resort

Round the year, the Alexis Park All Suite Resort welcomes all for a lively escape. With endless scapes of palm trees and greenery to satisfy the eye, the suite accommodations are up to par with modern décor and plenty of activities. Guests can easily spot the sun for a good tan as the Nevada sun rises upon the hotel’s three different pools. They can lounge in the warm, breezy weather and relax with cocktails.

Guests can also catch brunch at the Alexis Gardens, go shopping at the Sundries shop, and end the day in a cozy huddle at the outdoor movie night. The hotel also offers an in-resort gym for an exhilarating workout, which a massage can follow in the lovely Alexis spa.

But come nightfall, the glittering lights of Las Vegas begin to shine, and the city’s allure appears in the form of “BurlesQUE,” one of the many entertaining live shows at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort.

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

For those who have come to explore the two sides of Las Vegas, the Trump International Hotel offers a two-sided view, one of the city and the other of the majestic landscape. The hotel invests in the time guests have come to stay, with programs that include personal care, concierge, and butlers at guest services, but with a TRUMP ATTACHÉ® signature and personal care without intrusion.

The DJT Restaurant and Bar features a refined dining experience with delicate, flavorful, and rich options. The menu has many aspects of American cuisine, with ample wine pairings. Guests can relax in the sanctuary and safety of an 11,000-square-foot spa, get an invigorating workout at the Trump International Hotel, or relax in a cabana by the pool.

Laughter, well-being, and joy abound in Las Vegas, where the city never forgets the small moments and details that make life worthwhile.