Some of the World’s Amazing Jungles to Explore in 2023

Alongside exploring popular cuisine from Vietnam and taking in the history of much-loved capital cities like London, some travelers can’t resist immersing themselves in a jungle environment that is packed full of amazing living creatures. In fact, jungles and rainforests are home to half of the world’s terrestrial species and represent a truly amazing experience for people.

Of course, venturing deep into a jungle probably isn’t for the faint-hearted on the whole, but it’s an experience that you most definitely won’t forget. You’ll also typically be granted access to a local tour guide who has extensive knowledge of the area you’re exploring, resulting in a truly immersive adventure in the best way possible. You won’t have to worry about getting lost either, plus you’ll have the potential to get to know a local person from a completely different background to you.

Another appealing aspect of going on a jungle adventure is due to the diverse collection of life that typically populates such an environment. While we’re used to seeing an array of wildlife in nature docs and movies, as well as wild animals in games like Jungle Giants, with this much-loved gaming product featuring majestic African elephants and other jungle giants like buffalos and rhinos, witnessing these beautiful living creatures in the real world is a far more rewarding experience. In fact, it’s the trip of a lifetime for most people, leaving many with unforgettable memories and a selection of epic pictures. So, with many travelers understandably opting for a jungle adventure in 2023, let’s look at some of the best jungles to explore at the moment.

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The Jungles of Papua New Guinea

Given the fact that Papua New Guinea is over 75% jungle, there are plenty of opportunities to embark on an epic adventure there. A nation that isn’t too far away from Australia, it therefore has an abundance of creatures to get up close and personal with, although there are dangers lurking in this testing landscape. You’ll certainly be safe given the expertise of local tour guides, though, with many of them coming from the ancient native cultures that have thrived on this land for centuries. If exploring a tropical environment and meeting local people is what you’re after, then Papua New Guinea is one of the best options on earth.

The Brazilian Amazon

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Although the Amazon can be explored in a number of different territories in South America, it’s most prevalent in Brazil. You can combine your Amazon mission with some other memorable Brazilian escapades too, although nothing will beat an Amazon exploration adventure. Home to over 10,000 species, you’ll see everything in this iconic natural environment. Life is everywhere there, from in the waters of the river to the trees of the rainforest, with opportunities to see an array of animals, from pink river dolphins and sloths, to black spider monkeys and poison dart frogs.

The Jungles of Borneo

The third-largest island on earth is also home to some magnificent wildlife. The island of Borneo is almost entirely made up of jungle, too, making it a fantastic option for people who want to explore a diverse landscape that is packed fill of life. From stunning plants to an array of animals, the jungles of Borneo are well worth checking out, particularly if you’re a fan of monkeys. Throughout this challenging environment, the probosci’s monkey can be seen, alongside other animals like elephants and leopards. In terms of providing an epic jungle experience, Borneo is one of the most popular options around.

Other options include Waipoua (New Zealand), Cloud Forest (Peru), Monteverde Cloud Forest (Costa Rica), Sinharaja Forest Reserve (Sri Lanka), and Kanha National Park (India).

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