Top Destinations for Luxurious American Road Trips

Assume what it must be like to feel the wind in your hair and have an endless road before you, driving through breathtaking landscapes that will never get old. It’s no surprise that road trips are a favourite pastime in the United States. With everything from breathtaking views to rugged cliffs, you’ll be able to experience all of America without ever leaving your vehicle.

Whether it is the roads snaking through Florida or highways of the Midwest, driving on an open road has its own charm and pleasure that would keep you hooked to it forever. It is true that before embarking on your first long drive across the country, some things need to be done beforehand, like learning how maps work and also respecting specific rules while being out here, but after all these preparations have been taken care of, then surely nothing can stop you. Read on to know more about top destinations for luxurious American road trips. 

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1. Texas

Texas is a state with an attitude. From personalities to portions, there’s no shortage of the ‘go big or go home’ swagger that makes it one-of-a-kind and highly enjoyable, especially for travellers who want something different from their vacation experience. You can find everything you need in Texas, like coastal swamps, piney woods, rolling plains, rugged hills but most importantly, the high desert mountains near Big Bend National Park. Where visitors will undoubtedly be blown away by its beauty and size. 

Furthermore, the Lone Star state is home to a colourful, eclectic culture that has something for everyone. If you like listening to indie music, you can spend a night on Sixth Street with live music at every bar. Besides, if you want to observe some famous musicians, the Moody Theater is also an option for seeing Austin City Limits with many musical artists in years past. 

2. California

California is the perfect state for a road trip. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in America, and there are so many things to see. The Pacific Coast Highway is a trip worth taking, with the added pleasure of driving alongside some breathtaking views. You can start in San Diego and drive to Leggett for around four hours on this easy-to-navigate road that runs through the sunny states heartland making it one of the best luxury road trips in California. Along your journey, you’ll experience sun all day during summertime, but if winter hits, make sure you’re going southward where it will be warmer.

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Other nearby attractions include Hearst Castle, the vast mission at Mission San Juan Batista and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Fans of flowers would be delighted to know that California is known for quite a number of botanical gardens around LA – perfect for those pretty pictures! If you have some extra days on your itinerary, head to Lake Tahoe, which sits in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where you can ski during the winter months or try your hand at another winter sport such as snowshoeing. 

3. Montana

Montana road trip is full of unique places to explore. Some must-visit destinations like the Custer National Forest are beautiful spots to spend time during the summer road trip. In addition, you can perform many recreational activities there, such as horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and picnicking. One can also go sightseeing in this place since it is packed with splendid views.

Also, the scenery of the Big Sky Mountain ranges is a treat to the eyes. It has stretches of badlands that are around 11 miles long. Do not miss going to the Madison River, which has turquoise water and attracts a great deal of attention from tourists and visitors. The river runs through the Gallatin Valley, and one enjoys everything about it. In addition, Fish Trap Lake is a fantastic place to visit with family and friends. During the road trip, one can enjoy fishing and other water activities in the lake.

4. Florida

The Sunshine State has a little treasure, nature and paradise in every corner. That’s why road trips are such an excellent idea for slow travel through Florida. Furthermore, Disney World and beaches both are there for the catch, and it is impossible not to love all that this state has on offer. Take a road trip across the beautiful states such as Alabama and Georgia in search of a culture or head straight towards iconic food spots; if your goal is relaxation with an indulgent side dish. 

If adventure excites you more than anything else, then go up to Orlando, where live entertainment awaits, tigers included. One-stop is the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. There are many trails for hiking through caverns and along nature paths, plus opportunities to swim at the park’s beaches. Besides, visitors interested in history will enjoy visiting nearby sites like Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park and Florida Caverns State Park. 

5. Arizona

Arizona is known for its rattlesnakes, tumbleweed and wild west. But it has much more than that. The desert regions full of life are a sight to behold when the towns bloom with flowers from March through May every year. Moreover, the mighty Grand Canyon is a must-see for anyone who visits Arizona. It’s certainly an experience like no other to stand on the edge of this enormous fissure in the earth, and you’re not going to get that feeling from any photograph or word description.

Furthermore, Southern Arizona is a significant getaway destination for those seeking luxury travel across the USA and escape the bitter winter cold for the finer things life has to offer. Bedazzled by its luxury ranches and riding among iconic saguaro cactus, explore unique flora and fauna in mountain outcrops or Sky Islands, visit vestiges of wild west history like Tombstone- it’s perfect road trip territory.

6. Alaska

If there is one place on the planet where you still hear a wild call, it is Alaska. A vacation to this state brings an escape into the untouched natural beauty that makes your sense of adventure awaken and come alive. The largely subarctic climate in Alaska will give anyone looking for some great experiences plenty to explore and enjoy while they are on their road trip here. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for some unspoiled nature, then Denali National Park and Preserve is a great place to stop during your road trip adventure. To make sure that you get the most out of this natural wonder, be sure to use one of Denali’s many hiking trails to truly experience the wilderness of Alaska truly. If you are planning on visiting Alaska soon, be sure to start planning your trip now to not miss out on anything.

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