Why Use a Travel Agent Instead of Booking Online?

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When did we reach a point in society where we preferred booking online to speaking to a real human? Sure, a computer is convenient but it can’t respond to your requests nor can it be overridden if something goes wrong.

So, why use a travel agent instead of booking online? There are more reasons than you think.

A Personal Touch 

Having a travel agent that you like and trust book your trip might seem old fashioned but it can ensure your trip goes more smoothly. And also, who knows, perhaps you’ll make a new friend.

A travel agent can be friendly and offer you advice you had never thought about that a computer cannot give you.

Take a chance and leave the house to meet people rather than staying inside. Fresh air is good for you.

Ensuring It’s The Real Deal 

There are many scams out here, on the internet. When you go to book your visa or your flights’ many sites look genuine but they are in fact scams that have been designed to rank highly on Google, some of them even have website addresses that seem genuine until they are inspected more closely.

You can trust a travel agent and you can ask people for word of mouth recommendations. A travel agent will take care of everything for you or they will know the genuine websites for you to book your Visa.

A Travel Agent Has Got Your Back 

A travel agent can help you fight disputes and claim compensation if your flight is delayed or part of your vacation has to be canceled at the last minute. This happened recently when British Airways canceled flights due to strike action.

It could take you hours to find the right form or to read through the terms and conditions to understand what your rights are.

A travel agent is used to dealing with delays and compensation regularly so they will be able to point you in the right direction straight away. If things don’t go your way and you need to dispute the problem then they can advise you of the procedure and help fight your corner for you.

A travel agent might also know the best time to book hotels to ensure you get the best hotel for your money.

Why Use A Travel Agent Instead of Booking Online? Because A Personal Experience is Always Better 

Many people ask the question why use a travel agent instead of booking online? It’s a fair question as to why you would treck out of your house to a travel agency when you can book from your computer or phone.

But nothing beats the personal experience. A person who knows you has your back, and if something goes wrong their experience could prove invaluable.