Vacations To Plan While Social Distancing

Despite the pandemic, dedicated travelers remain committed to exploring the world. Planning an adventure with the looming pressures of COVID-19 in the background might seem challenging, but there is a wide range of vacation activities and destinations that are totally feasible and responsible, offering opportunities for safe, socially-distanced fun. 

As long as you do your research, prepare for the unexpected, comply with local public health measures, and act responsibly, socially-distanced vacations can be a breeze. To help you out with a little inspiration, here are four potential trips that you and your family can take safely and securely during the current climate.

Head off on a road trip

The thrill of the open road is a serious draw at any time, and a road trip is a great way to explore the country without waiting around in airports or getting on a crowded bus. You can pick and choose the places you visit to suit your risk level, and if somewhere doesn’t feel comfortable or the local situation changes, you can just jump in the car and move on! The beauty of a road trip is its flexibility, giving you full control over every aspect of your vacation. 

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Hire an RV

Another great way to keep yourself to yourself and stay where you want is by getting a taste of the van life. Whether you fancy a charming retro camper van or a glittering silver Airstream, an RV brings your accommodation with you wherever you go, meaning that staying socially-distanced and secluded is an absolute breeze. RV rentals surged by a mindblowing 1,000 percent last year between April and June, showing that parking up amidst the natural beauty of a national park was the go-to response for smart travelers. 

Try a remote mountain getaway

Of course, you might still fancy a vacation that doesn’t involve quite so much moving around. If that’s the case, why not head up to a remote mountain location and rent a cabin – with your head above the clouds you’ll be totally secluded, with just the stunning panorama for company!

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Get out on the water

You might be looking forward to cruising to Puerto Rico, but planning on waiting until later in the year to head out on the ocean waves. You can still get a taste for life on the water with a whole range of socially-distanced options. Maybe you like the idea of an elegant houseboat moored in a marina in Miami or Sausilito, or a slightly more rugged floating home on Lake Havasu or even the might Mississippi! Or go for the full adventure package with a wild camping and kayaking expedition in the Boundary Waters Wilderness in Minnesota.

With a little preparation and forward-thinking, it should be no trouble at all to plan the perfect socially-distanced vacation. You’ll want to take all sensible precautions and be sure to follow local regulations and guidelines, but with these inspiring trip ideas, you’ll have no concerns about organizing an exciting yet secluded adventure for you and your family. 

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