Top International Destinations for a Weekend Stag Do

You only get one chance at your first stag do, so, if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right. You could decide to go right around the corner and have a night out on the town, but how would that be different than any other weekend?

If you really want an adventure, you have to go off the beaten path and expand your horizons. Going somewhere you’ve never been before is a sure-fire way to have a trip to remember, and something to talk about for years to come. For that, though, you have to choose the right spot first. Let’s take a look at the top international destinations for a perfect weekend stag do.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a great spot for a stag do for a number of reasons. For one, the nightlife there is insane. Pints are insanely cheap too. Most people there speak English, so there will be no problem there.

The city is perfect if you want to go on a pub crawl too. Not only that, but it’s actually a beautiful city, so you could cool down the next day by finding a nice terrace or going sightseeing. It’s a great economical destination with tons of options and great locals.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is another great option. One of the greatest things about Hamburg is the number of things to do. You could feast on some of the best bar food the world has to offer and check out some of the pubs peppered around the city. Or, you could jump on one of the party boats in the city. There’s also lots of outdoor entertainment, and the nightlife is one of the best in all of Europe.

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans probably has one of the richest cultures in the whole United States. The food there is phenomenal, and if you can’t find a great party in the NO, you won’t find one anywhere.

Partying is truly engraved in the culture, and the people are outgoing and friendly. The city has one of the best nightlife scenes in the world, and it’s very diverse as well.

No visit to New Orleans would be complete without checking one of its jazz bars. New Orleans people love jazz, and it’s part of the city’s DNA. Going to a New Orleans jazz club will give you a whole other level of appreciation in the genre, and possibly make you a fan.

However, one thing you have to be prepared for in the United States is the medical bills. We’ve seen people get ruined from one hospital stay in the US, so make sure that you look into insurance before you go.

Look for holiday insurance that will cover you for most medical emergencies. Not all providers will cover pre-existing conditions or a range of sports and activities that you might be partaking. While this feels like an optional plus for a trip, it’s almost a necessity for any stag do, as there is an increased  risk that someone might need medical assistance. Just bear in mind, excessive drinking could invalidate your travel insurance, which is a risky move in case you have a drunken accident. So make sure that you are leading yourself into a situation that could have been easily avoided.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a unique destination in the North American landscape and the perfect place for a stag do for tons of reasons. The nightlife is probably the number one reason. The city is full of great bars and there are tons of party areas you can check out. St Laurent Street is where you’ll find your popular clubs, but you also have the Old Port and Old Montreal area for something more swanky and upscale. It’s a great place if you’re looking for an American city with a European feel.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has been growing in popularity for partygoers and would make a great destination for any stag do. It’s the cheapest destination on this list, even cheaper than Prague. It has tons of great activities and nightlife as well. Just one thing though – the people there tend to be a bit more stand-offish, so don’t expect them to join in on the fun. However, they are very polite and won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother them.

These are just some of the destinations you should consider for your next stag party. Make sure that you look into them in detail, and that you are fully prepared for any issue that might crop up.