Cutest Souvenirs for Your Girlfriend from All Around the World

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Choosing souvenirs, people tend to buy something special, but in fact, they bring the most typical ones. Why not choose something unique for your girlfriend?

  1.   The Czech Republic, Golem figurine

A golem is a man of clay in Czech mythology. According to legend, the famous rabbi – the protector of the Jewish people created this huge clay creature. The rabbi breathed life into a huge man, putting the secret name of God into his mouth. Rumor has it that the Golem is still alive.

  1.   UAE, national utensils

Most likely, finding single ladies, you want to give a personalized gift to each of them. In the UAE, you can buy almost everything, including pearls, gold, hookahs, coffee pots, furniture, clothes, perfumes, pillows, sweets, spices, smoking pipes, and even sand.

  1.   China, fan

The Chinese fan not only cools in the heat, but it is a very elegant accessory. Also, from ancient times, fans have been credited with the ability to transform negative energy into a positive one. Any woman will be delighted with such a gift.

  1.   Egypt, scarab and essential oils

This extremely revered beet is the symbol of Ancient Egypt. It is considered a servant of the Sun and attributed to the insect healing properties. Also, Egyptian cosmetics are known all over the world. Thanks to the composition of natural ingredients, it can be an excellent souvenir that every woman will appreciate. Also, the production of medicinal and perfume series of oil products has long been actively developing in Egypt.

  1.   Sri Lanka, ritual masks

Made from a special Kaduru tree, these colorful masks are light and soft. You can choose a ritual mask in accordance with the character of the person to whom you want to present this special gift!

  1.   Japan, kimono

A kimono is clothing for all occasions: a ceremony, a date, cosplay. etc. In Japan, kimonos are made by hands, painted and decorated in every possible way. This outfit is usually available in one size and, depending on the individual characteristics. It is suitable for girls of any shape!

  1.   Turkey, coffee

Coffee lovers will be pleased to get a real Turk kahvesi. A good addition to this gift can be a Turk and small coffee cups. As for tea fans, for them, in Turkey, there is the so-called Apple Tea, which is drunk both hot and cold.

  1.   Cyprus, pottery, and figurines

Those who rested in Cyprus must have noticed that the inhabitants of the island love simplicity in everything – from cooking to finishing home improvement. Not surprisingly, Cypriots continue to be interested in pottery. The process of its manufacture and ornaments almost don’t differ from those that were in the IV century BC. So, in the village of Fini, craftsmen make pots and jugs of red clay, in Kornos – terracotta dishes and donkey figurines. You will find it in almost every souvenir shop in Cyprus. This animal has earned a special honor of the inhabitants and has become a symbol of Cyprus.

  1.   Cuba, rum, and cigars

Of course, Cuba is rum and cigars. There is no arguing that Cuban rum and cigars are indeed the best gifts. But if you want to surprise your woman, then black corals (Cubans believe that they have magical properties), herbal Cuban tincture, machetes, or also famous Cuban musical instruments (bongos, maracas, drums) will be a worthy alternative.

  1. Brazil, hammock

Brazil is carnival paraphernalia, coffee, and all kinds of souvenirs with the image of Rio de Janeiro. But a really useful product, without which the Brazilians can’t live, is a hammock. Here it is made from natural cotton and cost little. The price of a hammock starts at $6.