How to Party All Night for Maximum Enjoyment

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Feeling extra tried lately? You’re not alone…as our energy levels tend to peak once we reach 31 years old

This means, the older we get, the harder it is to stay out late. This can make it tough to go bar hopping with friends and hit up all those holiday parties on your list. 

Certain tips can help keep your energy up and maintain a good tolerance for alcohol. So, what are the easiest ways to boost your nighttime social life?  

Here are the best tips for how to party all night long. 

Eat the Right Meal for Dinner

A proper meal is a key to starting your night on the right foot. Eating too little often results in getting drunk too fast. Those trying to drink all night often get sick on an empty stomach.  

Eating too much can also interfere with your party plans. It can cause you to feel too full and become tired early on in the night.  

The right meal the night before can help with hangovers as well. Certain foods are better at soaking up alcohol, like carbohydrates. Having enough food in your stomach also slows down alcohol absorption.   

Foods high in protein and fiber offer sustained energy throughout the night. Good options include greek yogurt, bananas, eggs, avocado, and sweet potatoes. Whole grain toast or pasta, and salmon are other good choices. 

It helps to have a snack later in the night too. This keeps your stomach from getting empty and further slows down alcohol absorption.

Sneak in a Cat Nap

Another tip for how to stay up all night is to score more sleep. If you’re already planning to stay out late, it doesn’t hurt to try and take a quick power nap. Aim to do this earlier in the day, around 4 or 5 PM. 

30 minutes is ideal when napping during the day. This way you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready for the night’s activities. Napping for too long may cause you to wake up feeling groggy.   

Even taking a 10-minute nap has benefits. It makes you more alert, boosts your brain function, and improves your mood. All this is important when planning to party all night long.  

Dress for Comfort

What you wear to a night party or bar makes a big difference in how long you’ll want to stay out. Plan to dress in breathable and lightweight fabrics. Make sure your outfit offers the perfect fit and isn’t too snug.  

Be sure to always bring a warm jacket and accessories in the wintertime. This makes it easier to walk around to different bars. 

Comfortable shoes are also key when going out at night. Wearing uncomfortable dress shoes or heels will likely make you want to end the night sooner. 

Stay Hydrated

Learning how to stay hydrated is essential for keeping a light buzz through the night. This tip will also help you wake up feeling less hungover. Drinking alcohol makes you have to urinate much more often as it dehydrates the body. 

Plan to drink plenty of water before you go out and throughout the night. One easy way to do this is by ordering a glass of water with each drink. This keeps you well hydrated and helps you to avoid getting too drunk. 

Pace Yourself During Party Mode

When partying all night, you’ve got to learn the art of pacing yourself. A slow and steady approach to drinking is best. It’s not a race to see who can take the most shots in the shortest amount of time.  

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which can make you feel sleepy. So it helps to space your drinks out over the night. This ensures you maintain a good buzz, without getting too tired or passing out.  

Another tip is to throw in a vodka red bull drink when you start to get tired. This offers a strong and instant dose of caffeine and taurine. Yet, it’s not advised to drink these all night due to the high caffeine concentration. 

You can also order tall drinks, as these give you more mixer. You’ll spend more time on each drink without needing to re-order right away.   

You want to pay attention to your level of drunkness throughout the night as well. Be on the lookout for any signs of slurred speech or blurred vision.

These are signs that you should slow down your drinking. The goal is to keep a good lively buzz for the entire night. 

Don’t Sit in One Place Too Long

Sit in one spot for too long and you may begin to feel bored or tired. You’ll soon find yourself thinking about the comfort of your bed.  

It helps to get up and move around at the bar or when going to different night parties. Go mingle, hit the dance floor, or play a drinking game. Strike up a conversation with an interesting stranger and see where the night takes you. 

If a bar seems dull, leave it and head to a more lively spot. Switching up the music selection on TouchTunes can also help. Planning to go to bars with live music is another smart idea. 

Get a Designated Driver

This is a smart and safe way to stay out late and enjoy as many drinks as you want. Be sure to assign a friend to be the designated driver before going out. This should be someone who doesn’t mind staying sober.  

You can also use Uber to get around to different parties and bars. Another fun option for how to party all night is to hire transportation. A bus for hire can transport a large group of people all over town, all night long.   

How to Party, with No Curfew Needed  

These tips offer the best ways for how to party all night long. This way you can enjoy the nightlife, without passing out or needing to head home early.