How to Have a Backyard Vacation

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Are you dying to get out of your house, town, or city and go on vacation but also living in the middle of a pandemic where travel is dangerous at best, if not impossible? Travel has never felt so needed and so far away, but there are options.

You can turn your own home and backyard into the vacation you’ve been wishing for with no travel hassles. Dissolve our stress with the backyard vacation of your dreams.

Beach from Home

You might not be able to create that ocean smell, but you can certainly set up a little pool to cool down in, or a nice hammock to sway in the breeze as you take a nap or enjoy a tropical drink. You can research all of the cuisines you’d enjoy in Hawaii and try them at home.

Find a great place to hang out with this hammock you can hang off any tree, or take it with you to the park for a change of scenery. You may know you’re still in-state, but that margarita or pina colada with fresh fruit will help add an air of relaxation to your familiar beach trip.

The Great Outdoors

If you’re a big camping fan but don’t want to worry about booking the site or what locations are still open, set up your tent in your own backyard. You can find a fire pit to roast smores and sleep under a blanket of stars with your own bathroom just a few meters away. Having this staycation during covid may feel even better than the real thing.

A Day at the Movies

If what you’ve missed most is going to the theater, this is exactly how to vacation in your own backyard. You can create your own home theater outside.

Get a white sheet to hang taut in trees and a small projector to hook up to your laptop and viola. Pop your popcorn and settle in for your favorite films without waiting in any lines or leaving your home.

Wine Tasting in Italy

You can visit the vineyards with a little creativity from your home. Set up a picnic blanket and basket filled with your favorite foods and snacks, a charcuterie board, and some great wine or drink to set the mood. You can add an umbrella or string up a tent for shade and enjoy the countryside without leaving your backyard.

Your Dream Backyard Vacation

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to vacation at home, look no further than out your window. A backyard vacation can become anything you want it to be with a little creativity and planning. You can even view the sites you would see via google maps and take tours of some wonderful museums, without worry about a flight, crowds, or covid.

With a little bit of work, you can create a space that feels new and fits exactly what you want to do that day. So kick off your shoes and get in vacation mode. And if these tips helped you find your next destination, check us out for more great ideas.