7 Awesome Benefits of Using a Travel Agent When Going Overseas

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There are many benefits of travel, it lowers stress, improves fitness, it also helps to stimulate your creativity. But Americans are less likely to travel abroad, compared to their European counterparts.

So, if you are looking to embrace the travel bug, but have limited experience, there are benefits of using a travel agent.

Read on to learn how a travel agent can help make your trip easy and memorable.

7 Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

With the power of the internet, you can obviously plan your own vacation. But planning to visit a new location can be a daunting task.

Depending on the complexity of the trip, you may have to plan 1-2 years ahead or you can pull together a trip over a couple of weeks.

Before you decide to give up on your travel plans, there are full-service travel companies, like Finelli and Shaw, that can help design your dream vacation.

As you are thinking about how to plan your trip, here are the top 7 benefits of using a travel agent.


Free Up Your Time and Reduce Your Stress

The more complex your trip, the more time it will take to coordinate. Travel planners are typically experts in their areas. Which means they know the best way to move from your first to the second location.

They also take care of booking hotels, but also arranging transfers. Higher-end services will also make bag transfers easy picking them up from you and depositing them to your next location.

Travel planners also understand when popular exhibits are the most empty, to allow you a less crowded experience. Some travel planners also have connections with museums that will allow you to skip lines and see unique behind the scenes tours.

Finally, they will customize your itinerary to your goals. Pre-packaged tours may provide you with some of the locations you want to see but may skip other less popular locations. You may want to see some of the roads less traveled which is why custom itineraries are great.

Direct Connection to Local Resources

Because travel agents work closely with locals, not only can they provide unique experiences, may also be able to provide you with a better price. If you find a super deal on-line, your travel agent can often match it.

Because of travel planners have relationships with local hotels and locations. Those relationships often get you more amenities than you can get on your own at no increase in costs.

If you are doing the planning your self, you are in line with everyone else who is booking the same tour. Travel planners typically have specialized lines they can use to book excursions and events. This saves you stress and time.


On-Going Support During Your Trip

Your trip is planned and you have begun your adventure. Travel agents provide you a direct line to address any of the bumps that can come with traveling.

They will be notified if flights are changed and can often re-book you before you land. If there are problems with a reservation, a travel agent can often fix it. If they can’t, they have other resources to minimize the impact on your itinerary.

Travel agents become your own personal troubleshooting superhero, reducing your stress while traveling.

Updates, Travel Warnings, and Safety Reminders

If you are an adventure traveler, you know that sometimes political situations shift in a country. You should always check with the U.S. State Department Travel Advisories before you plan your trip.

Your travel agent will have up to date information and can help you navigate the impact of those changes on your itinerary.

If you are traveling internationally, travel agents will ensure that you have the right visa’s and understand the rules you should follow in that area.


Travel Agents Are Master Travelers and Can Offer Personal Travel Experience

Struggling with what to pack on your trip? Where is the best place to get the local currency? Need information on public transportation?

Travel agents spend time in the locations you are preparing to visit. They are a wonderful resource to understand the small details that make your trip run smoothly.

Travel agents know other travel agents, who are also traveling masters. If your agent doesn’t have an answer to your question, they have resources to find those answers for you. Travel agents have resources you don’t have, so use them.

The Devil in the Details: Terms, Conditions, Exclusions, and Fine Print

When you book online, you will often click through some of the fine print when you are signing up for a trip.

If you are getting a great deal with online booking, chances are there are exclusions and conditions in that fine print.

You may not know some of these details until after you have started your trip. Some of these terms and conditions can impact your satisfaction with your trip, but they can also cost you money by having hidden fees.

Travel agents know the fine print and are required to share all of the details with you before you sign on the bottom line.


Some Will Allow You to Make Payments Over Time

If you would prefer to not put your vacation on your credit card, some travel agency’s will allow you to put down a deposit. then you can pay off the remaining amount over time. Often you will have to make the final payment 45-60 days before you depart.

Travel agents are also experts at knowing if and how much travel insurance you might need for the trip you are planning.

Travel Agents Love Travel

The goal of a travel agent is to share their love of travel with you by ensuring that you have an amazing travel experience. They are a wealth of information and can make planning your trip less stressful.

So What Are You Waiting for, It Is Time to Plan Your Next Vacation

Now that you know the benefits of using a travel agent, you should start planning your next adventure. Bookmark our blog to find the inspiration to pick your next travel destination.