Sponsored Guest Post: 4 Fun (And Booze-Free) Party Bus Ideas for Adults

Sponsored Guest Post

If you think the only fun things to do on a party bus only involve alcohol, think again! Discover the most fun party bus ideas for adults here.

Party buses are known for being boozy rides to events. But there’s more to party buses than that.

Want something to do so your friends doesn’t get too drunk before the main event? Plan some activities to pump people up without turning up a cup.

Whether your planning a dry party, cooperate event or you just want to add a new dimension to your night out.

Here are some awesome, alcohol-free party bus ideas for adults!

Give Your Bus a Theme

One way to kick the night off right is by planning a theme for your party bus! Make sure to plan your theme ahead of time so your guests have time to prepare.

Arrive early on the day of the event to decorate your bus for the night. And bring plenty of photo props so everyone can get the perfect Instagram moment.

Select a theme that compliments what you already have planned for the evening. For instance, if you’re attending a museum gala plan a masquerade ball.

Everyone can come dressed to the nine’s wearing masquerade masks and then when you arrive at your destination they can take off the masks. And make sure to bring a few spare masks for your forgetful friends!

Party Bus Karaoke

Everyone loves to sing in the car right? Take it to the next level with a roaring round of party bus karaoke!

You can see if your party bus company has a karaoke machine you can borrow. Or you can invest in an inexpensive Bluetooth microphone and use your phone to stream karaoke tracks to your party bus’ speaker system.

Party buses are equipped with strobe lights and dance floors so every guest will feel like a star…even if they’re off-key.

Dance Competition

Put together an amazing playlist and get everybody on their dancing before you get to the event.

Party buses come equipped with club lights and amazing sound systems you can even find party buses that have stages and platforms to showcase your best moves.

Hype everybody up for a concert you can hype everybody up for a concert by playing a playlist of the artist’s greatest hits. Or dance a bit to loosen up before you hit the dance floor for a night out.

Play Two Truths and a Lie

Are you looking for an awesome way for everybody to get to know each other? Play Two Truths and a Lie! It’s a great way to break the ice before the party really gets roaring.

Each person says three statements about themself. Two of these statements are true, and one statement is a lie. Then everyone takes turns trying to guess which of the three was a lie!

Zero Proof Party Bus Ideas for Adults

Having a great time on a party bus doesn’t mean you have to drink. There are tons of fun party bus ideas for adults that don’t involve a drop of alcohol.