Over the course of my travels, photography naturally became a major hobby and passion of mine. I don’t currently consider myself to be a professional full-time photographer, but I wanted to put together a portfolio sampling some of the work that I am capable of. I don’t currently have an online store where prints are available, although if anyone would like to purchase some of my work on special commission, I would be more than happy to discuss. I’ve done a lot of promotional photography work with properties and brands across the world. You can contact me through the contact form on this website or email me at I also have a PicFair account where you can browse some of my photos and purchase them for digital use.

Most of my blogs on here are meant to be informative and entertaining, but as photography grows as a passion, I’ve also created some in-depth photo-journals of some of my best adventures. Here are some links to some of my favorites.

3 Epic Months in South Africa

3 Weeks in Sri Lanka

Hiking Mount Balinsayaw in the Philippines

2019 Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival Gallery


South Africa

Sri Lanka