Five Digital Nomad Companies To Keep An Eye on in 2022

In recent years, working remotely has gone from a distant dream to a very achievable reality for many people. I mean, if you can work from anywhere in the world, why choose to sit in a lonely cubicle all day? As a digital nomad, my adventures have taken me to fifty countries and counting. I’ve been able to actually live, and not just make a living. I understand that it can be scary or confusing figuring out how to get started.

Don’t know how to dip your toes into the digital nomad lifestyle? Here are a few remote work and travel programs to keep an eye on in 2022 and beyond.

WiFi Artists

This program provides one of the best values I’ve ever seen from a remote work and travel company. Their programs include an apartment, membership to a co-working space, and all the knickknacks you’ll need to get your feet set in a country, such as SIM cards. Most importantly, you will be a part of a blossoming community of fellow entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and remote workers. It can be tough making friends and meeting people abroad. WiFi Artists takes away the hassle by immediately providing you with a community that you can work hard or play hard with.

Their lineup of exciting destinations this year include everywhere from Tbilisi, Georgia to Osaka, Japan. You’ve also got some tried-and-true remote work destinations such as Bali and Barcelona, which are perfect for newbie digital nomads just looking to see if this lifestyle is right for them. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced digital nomad, WiFi Artists has got the program for you. It’s the best bang for your buck on this list, with many of their programs starting at below $1,000 for a month in your dream destination of choice.

And best of all, you can get $100 off by mentioning me (ThePartyingTraveler) in your application!

Remote YearSelina

For those of us that may not have a month or more to commit to life on the road, Remote Year is great because they offer programs of varying lengths. Whether you want to be with the program for one week or one whole year, there is an option for you. With over 3,000 participants worldwide, including 65% solo female travelers, Remote Year goes beyond just a month of travel. It serves as a very inclusive global community that provides value long after your trip is done.

It was recently acquired by Selina, which is another company to keep an eye out for this year. Selina started out as a chain of hostels in Latin America but has since evolved to become one of the leading digital nomad and remote work companies in the world. What started out as affordable luxury accommodation for travelers has taken the world by storm. Most Selinas will have co-working spaces, cafes, a bar, and plenty of social events to serve as the perfect home base for solo travelers and digital nomads. I can only imagine how many new ways Selina will find to innovate this year for travelers and remote workers alike.

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Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise has been around for a few years now, with digital nomad programs dating as far back as 2014. They started off as catering more towards coders and techies, but has since evolved to become one of the largest remote work and travel companies in the world.

They have no shortage of amazing destinations around the world for anyone who wants a break from the office life. Since their company and team has grown rapidly in the last few years, they have the flexibility to offer multiple programs per month, so you truly have the world at your fingertips.

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Wifi Tribe

Wifi Tribe is a community of remote workers and digital nomads that has been around since 2016. It has grown to over a thousand participants spanning 62 different nationalities since then. They have a variety of programs in 2022 that will take you to stunning locations such as Namibia, Japan, and Georgia. Along with their month-long remote work programs, they have opportunities to detach from work for a little bit, including trekking Kilimanjaro. Like the other programs on this list, you can expect to immerse yourself in a new destination with a community of like-minded creators and professionals.


Coworkation is more for dedicated small business owners. It’s a great opportunity for networking with other entrepreneurs, building connections and learning from one another. They haven’t been active since before the pandemic, but with COVID gradually disappearing, I fully expect them to make a return this year. Their programs are typically shorter and more intensive, as opposed to more independent and free-flowing like the other programs on this list. However, it can be perfect if you come in with a focus for growth for your small business.

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