Croatia Sailing Trip | I’m Sailing From Dubrovnik to Split & You’re Invited

Last year, I celebrated my birthday in… Idaho. I woke up in a campground next to what looked like a meth lab, and had my driver side window broken into. It was 2020 after all, so I wasn’t too fazed. Just another day, really. I’ll admit though, it wasn’t the best way to ring in year 26. I promised myself that I’d make up for it once the world opened up again.

Thankfully, I am a man of my damn word.

So, I’m celebrating my birthday twice as hard this year, with a week-long party in the Mediterranean. I love a good party, and trust me, party we will. But I like a good mix of adventure as well. In between the boogieing and beach bumming, we’ll be hitting up Croatia’s national parks, visiting remote islands, jumping off cliffs, visiting thousand-year old castles, and exploring cities straight out of Game of Thrones. It’s going to be an action-packed week in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

Turquoise waters, ancient cities, and lifelong friendships await on this fantastic trip that I’ve planned in partnership with Stoke Travel, Europe’s leading travel company for the young, fun, and adventurous traveler. We’ll be basking in the Mediterranean sun, taking in the sights of the stunning Dalmatian Coast, and getting sauced out of our minds every night in Croatia’s most poppin’ clubs.

And yes, Croatia is fully open to vaccinated American travelers and those with a negative PCR test. What better way to come back from COVID than with this epic sailing trip?!

Here’s all you need to know.

Dates: August 14th to August 21st, 2021

It’ll be a seven night, eight day cruise aboard the MS Ika, headed by a Croatian captain with all the local knowledge, and a one-of-a-kind travel guide from Stoke Travel. We will be starting our adventures in stunning Dubrovnik and working our way up the coast to Split.

Here’s the full (tentative) itinerary for what we’ve got planned.


We start our journey in Dubrovnik on August 14th and spend the night there, because nowhere does Saturday nights quite as good Dubrovnik. Check in starts at 11 AM, but everyone is free to explore the famous Old Town for the afternoon. You can go for an aimless wander with your new pals and just walk around town, or you can hop on a Game of Thrones tour through Westeros’ King’s Landing. Later, we’ll go cliff jumping off of the famous cliffs outside the walled city. Cap off the night with a family dinner before continuing onto one of the best bars in Croatia, the Culture Club, Revelin, situated in a fortress in the walls of old town.

Mljet National Park

We hit up one of Croatia’s seven national parks on the island of Mljet. We’ll spend the afternoon walking along the lakes of the island, kayaking, and swimming in the salt water lakes. You can even hire a scooter and venture to a hidden cave and grotto. Dinner on board the boat for a pirate-themed party which won’t stop until the last person goes to bed.


We’ll visit the house of Marco Polo and explore old town or chill out on the ship. We head to Bokar wine bar and taste local Croatian wines and have some charcuterie. We’ll head to an outdoor bar run by Crazy Niki called Deja Vu, and then continue to Dos Locos where you can show off your hidden talents on the stripper poles. If the party is still going by then, which it will be, we’ll head down to Jungle to boogie down.


We’ll anchor offshore at a relaxing swim location and then take a taxi boat into town. We head up to the Spanjola fortress for a beautiful view before heading down for some beach time or seaside cocktails. We then head up to SEVEN bar for welcome shots, a fire show, and to get warmed up for the all night party at Carpe Diem, the famed techno club just in front of the harbor.


We arrive here mid afternoon, giving us time to throw ourselves off a cliff, swim in the bay, or even get naked at the nudist beach. Tonight, we’ll pregame at a cheap cocktail bar before we head to the famous Cave bar.


The options here are endless for some adventures. Ziplining, rafting down the river Cetina, kayaking through the canyon, whatever your heart desires. We’ll all reconvene that evening to get some food from the supermarket and hike up to the old fortress for a sunset picnic. Tonight will be a chill night, with a few casual cocktails on a rooftop bar before heading to bed.


We end our trip in Split on the 21st. We say goodbye to our home at sea, but can explore one last beautiful city before we all.. Split up. The 1700 year old Diocletian Palace is a can’t miss, nor is the Marijan Hill. This is where we say goodbye to each other, but it’s not really goodbye. We’ll be free to keep the adventures going through Europe with your new lifelong travel friends.

We’ll be including some secret stops along the way, as well. Our captain is Croatian and knows all of the secret spots and hidden gems. Along with these must-see travel destinations, we’ll be stopping at deserted islands, hidden coves, and beautiful cliffs to take in the views from, or dive into the water for the more adventurous traveler.

Cost: 825 euros (~$1000 USD)

What’s included?

  • 7 nights accommodation on a yacht (two people per cabin)
  • Bottomless brunch every single day (gotta cure those hangovers!)
  • Unlimited beer and sangria from 1 – 10 PM for an additional 10 euros ($12) per day
  • Unlimited clean drinking water onboard
  • A Wednesday banquet dinner with unlimited wine in one of Croatia’s most beautiful restaurants
  • A Croatian captain and a Stoke Travel guide to make sure everyone’s having a good time
  • Discounted entry to Croatia’s most poppin’ nightclubs

What’s not included

  • Dinner off the boat (we dock the boat at a different city every night for dinner and nightlife)
  • Drinks outside of the unlimited beer and sangria
  • Transportation to Croatia. You’re in charge of getting to Dubrovnik by August 14th.
    • Flights to major European cities from the U.S. can often be as low as $400 round trip, and budget airlines like Ryanair fly to Croatia for as low as $30.

What’s our boat like?

  • 14 cabins, with a total capacity of 24 awesome travelers
  • Each cabin has a bunk bed, a wash basin, towels, linens, and power outlets
  • Three common bathrooms and toilets for all guests
  • Wi-Fi on board, power outlets, and air conditioning in the common areas
  • Common rooms and a fully stocked saloon
  • Lots of common space and sun chairs to catch a tan on

It’s going to be one hell of a trip. If you’re down for some sizzling summer fun in the Mediterranean in one of Europe’s most stunning countries, sign up below! I’ll send over an email with more details on how to book, so keep an eye out, and check your spam inbox if you don’t get an email within a few days.

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