Best Destinations for Sporting Holidays

If you’re a sportsperson, athlete, or just someone who loves to watch sporting events all day long, then this blog post is for you. Many different destinations offer the perfect mix of fun and fitness. You may think that crossing borders has become commonplace. But believe it or not, there are hundreds of barriers between countries like language, politics, or economics. Sports break those barriers down for us; they’re a great lens through which we can understand people from different cultures when combined with our own love for travel.

If you want a holiday that will make your heart pump, take a look at our best destinations for sporting holidays. From roaming in Scotland to surfing in Brazil, there are many things for those looking to break a sweat. So, get ready for a memorable holiday with some of the world’s best sports facilities. Whether you would like to work on your swing at one of the luxurious golf resorts, go cycling in scenic settings, or play tennis-we have it all.

1. Scotland

St Andrews, home of golf’s most prestigious course and the world’s oldest university, is a mecca for lovers of outdoor pursuits. It is a beautiful town filled with students, tourists, and lively pubs. It boasts medieval streets that are now shops for booksellers and antique stores. St Andrews also has stunning views from atop of Castle Hill or walking along coastal paths to view sea caves up close – one can see spectacular sunsets. Moreover, specialist golf holidays are the most popular form of tourism in Scotland. 

Aside from this, if you want to relish the luxury stay in Scotland, you shouldn’t miss staying at Auchterarder House that has been open since the mid-1800s and offers first-class service and luxury Perthshire accommodations. Book one of their deluxe rooms or suites for a memorable stay in this historic Scottish golf resort. It is located near the small town of Perthshire, Scotland. The area is famous for many things, but most people don’t know that it’s also great for outdoor activity and relaxing in the beautiful countryside. There are plenty of walking paths right around Auchterarder House, and a walking guidebook is given to guests so you can explore the area on foot.

2. India

India is the land of diverseness, and there are countless possibilities for adventure. From forests to mountains to beaches to lakes, you can find something that suits your personality, whether it be a trek through heavily wooded areas or hiking on top of snowy peaks. And while travelling across India’s vast landscape searching for these adventures, don’t forget about what natural wonders await beneath the waves. For sports fans in India, cricket remains king of the Indian sports.

With the increasing popularity of sports in India, it has become easier for travellers interested in catching a cricket game to plan their holidays according to the upcoming matches. Many reputed travel agencies offer sports packages to travellers based in India and from abroad. These packages include tickets to the game, a stay at a nearby hotel booked by the travel agency, and any other associated services as per the traveler’s requirement, just remember as Backpacker boy points out, there is a tipping policy to adhere. If you are on holiday in India, it is essential to check with genuine travel companies. If any events are happening in the city that you are visiting, book your tickets early so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

3. Italy

Italy is one of the most popular countries among sports lovers in Europe. Since past times, people have been interested in this country’s charm and grace. Besides being a popular tourist destination, Italy has also become a major hub for various sporting events on the continent. As you plan your holidays to Italy, you must keep in mind that this country hosts some of the most famous European sporting events every year. You can choose from tennis, golf, motor racing, fencing or even horse racing if you are keen on watching international sports events.

Furthermore, if you are fond of watching motor racing, then getting Italian F1 tickets to the Grand Prix is a must as it’s one of the most popular international motor racing events organized here every year. Since 1952, this race has been held at Mugello Circuit in Italy, attracting thousands of fans from across the globe to witness history being made to happen. This 6 hour race is a part of the Formula 1 racing circuit, and you will be sure to see some great action as you plan your holidays to Italy.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is the other best destination for sports lovers. Several tours and activities will allow you to enjoy the ultimate escape while other experiences are designed for adventurous explorers. There is something for everyone with so many different options, no matter your fitness level or personal abilities. Besides, if you have ever dreamt of watching a rugby game, you should surely plan your holidays in this country during the rugby season, starting in September and finishing at the end of April.

The All Blacks are considered as one of the best national teams that play international rugby matches. Furthermore, they represent New Zealand as they play their home games at Forsyth Barr Stadium with 50,000 people. Also, you can relish watching your favourite team from afar if you want to visit New Zealand anytime soon and watch some top-quality action at this stadium if you are an ardent fan of rugby. 

5. Brazil

With Brazil being an enormous playground with so many unique and untouched destinations, there are plenty of opportunities for travellers to explore. Get some practice in or try something fresh on your time off- from a beach vacation under the sun to get out into nature’s beauty. Whether you are looking for thrills or sporting tours, there is something that everyone can enjoy. 

Football is also played in Brazil, and you will find many fans rooting for the national team during international tournaments. 

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In addition, the Maracana Stadium, which has a capacity of nearly 100,000 people, is one of the best places to watch Brazilian football live. The interactive museum is filled with so many cool things and lets you get an up-close look at some of the best parts of football. For instance, some rooms showcase everything from jerseys to goalies’ memorabilia to offer a unique perspective on this beloved sport.