Woo! Upcoming Travel Plans, Life Updates, and GROUP TRIPS!

What is up everybody!? We’ve come a long way since last year, and I can say with immense optimism that for the first time in a long time, I am actually excited for the future.

This time last year, I was sulking around in my parents’ basement wondering if this pandemic would ever end. I started out full of optimism and motivation. I figured I’d be home for a few weeks before quickly flying back to Argentina to wrap up the last few weeks of my year-long South American hiking trip. The weeks dragged on before I realized and accepted that there was no end in sight and subsequently fell into a dark pit of despair. Like, I almost gave up on this travel blog entirely.

I’ll save ya the sob story, because all that matters is there is finally hope and new adventures ahead!

Let’s start with my upcoming travel plans. Why? Because some of you are invited! Leading group trips has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, and something that I felt I would excel at. The social aspect of travel has always been my favorite part of seeing the world, but I always told myself that I wasn’t qualified or no one would want to travel with me. It would be a risk, and despite my nomadic lifestyle, I do err on the side of caution quite often. During the pandemic, I quickly realized that life’s too short not to take those risks, and that travel can indeed be taken from us without warning. I promised myself that post-pandemic, I wouldn’t hesitate to chase dreams and try new things.

So, for starters…


I’ll be hosting a weeklong sailing trip in Croatia from August 14th to 21st, a birthday bash unlike any other to make up for last year’s birthday spent in a methy Idahoan campsite. I’ll be sailing from Dubrovnik to Split with up to 24 fellow adventurers who are keen for some good times with good views. For more details on this Mediterranean meander, check out the trip page here!

I’m super stoked about this one, especially because I’ll be partnering with a company that I’ve dreamed of working with since I started this travel blog. Stoke Travel is Europe’s premier travel company for the young and adventurous traveler, and after our plans for collaboration fell through year after year, we are just straight up sending it with this epic Mediterranean adventure. This trip will take us to ancient cities straight out of Game of Thrones, national parks along the stunning Dalmatian Coast, and poppin’ night clubs worthy of The Partying Traveler.

Mamma Mia, it’ll be fun. Again, you can read more about the trip and sign up by clicking here.

Next up, let’s chat about the big one. This is going to sound crazy, but here goes.

PAKISTAN | OCTOBER 8 – 23, 2021

That’s right. In case you missed my earlier announcement, I’ll be leading an expedition through Pakistan this October. It’ll be 15 days spent in this criminally overlooked country as we delve deep into the mountains and even deeper into Pakistan’s colorful culture. It’s an adventure that gives me as much anxiety as it does excitement, but that’s how you know it’s going to be one hell of a rewarding, life-changing journey. I’ll be bringing up to 15 intrepid spirits with me and my two co-trip leaders, Will and Imran. For more details on this epic escapade, check out the trip page here. Only a handful of spots remain, so be quick!

It’s an adventure unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and perhaps the most excited I’ve ever been for a trip. Like I said, life’s too short not to chase these thrilling adventures to the fullest. I hope some of you can join me on these upcoming travels!


I haven’t had this much on my plate in a long time, and I am living for it! It feels great to be busy once again, especially when you’re busy doing what you love and helping others discover and fulfill those same passions.

Anyway, only a few days until I fly to Greece and explore a new region of the world again. After finally exploring one of my dream destinations, nothing is off the table. But Egypt, Turkey, and the other countries in the Balkans are definitely high up on the list.

There will be a ton of new adventures, but before I head out, I gotta give some thanks to mi Mexico querido. During the pandemic, Mexico absolutely changed the course of my life in many ways. I spent three months traveling in the U.S. on a road trip, and after feeling minimal excitement despite all the wonderful things I was seeing, I started to question if travel was over for me. My U.S. road trip wasn’t giving me the same thrills as my previous travels, and I truly thought that the days of The Partying Traveler were soon to be over, if not already over. I shared those sentiments on Instagram, and even announced a potential brand change and identity.

Then, I took the leap, moving to Mexico thanks to a job opportunity that I was given in Tulum. I spent about a month there, still struggling to find my footing and identity, but eventually, decided that it wasn’t for me. I caught a flight to a city that had been on my bucket list for the longest time, and planned on staying two weeks before flying home for Christmas. I ended up staying in that city, San Cristobal de las Casas, for nearly two months. At long last, I was backpacking again, staying in hostels, meeting new people, and experiencing new and exciting cultures. Mexico is so much more than just beach resorts and parties, and I found myself falling in love with travel all over again, in no short part assisted by me falling in love with Mexico.

I spent an additional three months in Mexico afterwards, maxing out my visa and visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations where I was often the only traveler. I felt back in my element again, rediscovering who I was and what made me tick. There was no shortage of amazing people I met along the way, including fellow travelers and wonderful local Mexicans who always welcomed me like I was one of their own. I started traveling to sightsee and get drunk, but over time, evolved to appreciate the human aspect more than anything.

Mexico, thank you. I truly do not know where I would be without our time together, but a huge part of me thinks it would be much worse off.

Oh, and check out my complete Mexico backpacking itinerary, hot off the press!

That’s all for now! Be sure to keep up with the adventures on Instagram, Tik Tok, and my newly revived YouTube channel where I’ll hopefully be making longer-form content compared to my short Tik Tok travel tidbits.

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