How To Camp Safely During the Pandemic

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We’re all well aware that the pandemic has put a hold on most of our plans. Travel is pretty much off-limits throughout the world, and gatherings aren’t really allowed in many places either. These two things combined have made it so camping is, for many, a forbidden fruit at this point. But it doesn’t have to be.

Many of the world’s most popular camping sites have campgrounds that are open for visitors, and they’re making sure to follow safety protocols and procedures. This makes it so that you can still go camping, but you’ll need to be careful with some things. And to make things even better, here are a few tips on camping during the pandemic while staying safe.

Get The Right Gear

Experienced campers know that despite the conditions, exceptional camping gear is always a must. So let’s start here. Ensuring you have all the essential gear is a precursor for safe and enjoyable camping. Professional and quality gear is highly recommended even if you are not a regular camper and yes you can have it at affordable prices. So, if you are still looking for the right camping gear make sure to check Hyke & Byke’s sleeping bags here:

But well, during the pandemic, “the right gear” also refers to items you need for hygiene and safety.

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People who go out camping oftentimes share things like soap, or paper towels, or toilet paper. Not everyone remembers to bring some, and that’s how things work. But during the pandemic, sharing those things isn’t really a smart idea. You should bring your own, and you should bring more than enough to last you through the trip.

While we’re at it, you should also bring surface disinfectants and hand sanitizer, as that will make sure you’re bacteria-free, and so are the surfaces you’ll need to be touching. This is an area where you shouldn’t be skimping.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip – consider a portable toilet. Most, if not all, campgrounds will respect social distancing measures, and they’ll probably do a better job at cleaning the public areas, and this includes restrooms. However, they’re still a place where you’ll possibly meet others and overall, a public bathroom isn’t too sanitary in any case. A portable camping toilet that you can empty in the public restroom is a great way to stay safe.  

Avoid Lots of People

The key thing to going on a safe camping trip during the pandemic is to, well, think small. It’s not a good idea to go out on a trip where you have a lot of people, so try to either go solo or take someone who lives with you. If you can share a house or apartment, you can share a tent, too.

If you’re living with someone, you are already in contact with each other, so going camping with that same person isn’t a big deal. Of course, you should try to stay in smaller groups, and by all means, avoid people you don’t know and live with.

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This also includes hikes or any common grounds. While being friendly is a great thing, and can make a camping trip a lot more interesting, it’s, unfortunately, a bad time to overdo it. If you have to be in a place where you have unknown people, you should wear a mask, and maintain your distance.

Book Early, and Do It Online

There’s no denying that for many, camping is something they can do spontaneously, without too much planning and worrying. But in this scenario, you should also think about how that is going to impact the campground itself. If you show up unannounced while they’re trying to respect social distancing measures, you might be asked to turn back and leave if there’s no room for you.

This is why if you’re going to be camping, it’s a good idea to place a reservation early on. You can do that online with most campgrounds, but even if you can’t, a phone call should be an option.

While we’re discussing the booking and reservations, a good idea would be to be flexible. Do your research on which of the campgrounds you’re looking into aren’t too occupied, and even if you’ve decided on one, keep monitoring it. If you notice that it’s filling up quickly, chances are you’ll have a lot of people there, which as we mentioned, should be avoided, so switch to a more remote site. And while this might seem like a nuclear option, if you aren’t comfortable with the number of people present, you should consider changing the date.


Wear a Mask!

We can’t emphasize this enough, but wearing a mask is one of the key ways of staying safe and protected when you need to be around people. Even if you come across an empty campground, you’ll probably meet someone when you’re shopping mid-trip in the supermarket in the town next door, so make sure you have one. Actually, scratch that, have as many as you can. At least two to three per person, in case something happens to the one you’re wearing. And of course – wash your hands!

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