3 Of The Best Football Stadiums To Visit Around The World

When you’re travelling around the world, you’ll often schedule a stop off at some of the world’s most iconic architecture. Buildings that have stood for centuries, designed by some of the world’s greatest architects using some of the most backbreakingly difficult techniques known to exist. Whilst these are impressive, some modern buildings, like football stadiums, are said by many to be just as breathtakingly beautiful. If you’re a football fan, here are three stadiums you should be sure to visit on your travels.

Anfield, Liverpool

The first of the world’s most loved football stadiums is the home to the current Premier League holders, Liverpool. This stadium is steeped in so much tradition. The “You’ll Never Walk Alone” sign has been above the players heads for decades as they emerge out of the tunnel. Like many of the previous generations of players before them, a lot of the current squad still touch it before every game for luck. The sign of course refers to the classic anthem that is sung by the home fans before every game. Whilst many teams have anthems, none of them are known to intimidate an away side more than a roaring rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone. The current Premier League betting odds still suggest there’s a good chance of Liverpool winning the league again this season, but there hasn’t been any great displays of talent on the hallowed turf recently.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

If Anfield is one of the smallest stadiums in the top football leagues in the world, Camp Nou is definitely one of the biggest. FC Barcelona’s stadium can hold nearly 100,000 fans and despite this there’s very rarely a seat left empty when there’s a match on. The stadium is famous for it’s simplistic yet stunning bowl shape, with a blue ring accommodating the lower stands and the red ring holding the upper stands. Not only is the architecture incredible, but the history of this stadium is as well. It has held some of the most iconic games in the history of European football, including the 1999 Champions League Final where Manchester United scored two goals in added time to transform a likely defeat into a victory against Bayern Munich.

La Bombonera, Buenos Aires

Like Anfield, this stadium doesn’t take up much surface area, but it does fit in a whole lot more fans than the Liverpool stadium. That’s because three of the stands built around the stadium are so high that you’d feel like your head was in the clouds if you were sat on the top row. You might think a stadium this high would feature a lot of engineering beauty and genius. In fact, the La Bombonera is one of the most rugged looking stadiums on the planet. Built in 1940, the stands consist mainly of wooden seats and concrete blocks painted to match the team’s colours. All of this basic construction makes it feel more like a stadium for an amateur team, but the atmosphere Boca Junior’s fans create on game day is far from that!

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  1. Hi mate. If you haven’t already been there, put Dortmund on your wish list. Speaking as a veteran of over 1000 matches, and stadiums all across UK & Europe, I rate Dortmund as the best match day experience I’ve had. Get a seat at the opposite end to the “yellow wall”, and you’ll find yourself watching the fans as much as the game. Fantastic day out.

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