READ THIS: A Few Updates and Announcements!

Hey y’all, how’s it going?

The nice thing about not being able to travel is that I’m finally able to catch up on things I probably should have already been doing. Since I’ve been traveling mostly full-time for the last four years, I’ve been focused mostly on adventuring instead of running this blog. It’s cool to see that thousands of you have followed along for the adventure, both on here and on my Instagram.

I’ve finally started an email newsletter, one that I promise I will make worth your while. I’ve got over a thousand subscribers on here, but only a handful of you have input your email addresses. If you want to keep up to date with a bunch of cool stuff and freebies, make sure to subscribe to my blog via email! I’ll drop the subscription form right below.


Subscribed? Cool. I’ll be putting together the first newsletter soon so keep an eye out for that on your inbox. Other cool things I’ve been working on include The Average Person’s Guide to Becoming a Travel Influencer. This is an e-book, the first one that I actually completed despite having about a dozen in progress right now.

It includes 54 pages of my tried-and-true social media marketing methods and hacks that I’ve accumulated from the last ten years of making a living solely off social media. In the guide, I cover everything from how to grow your following, how to market yourself, and how to get those brand deals of your dreams. And best part? It’s only $29 right now!

I’ve seen other people selling travel influencer guidebooks for hundreds of dollars. And while they might be worth the value, I suffer from imposter syndrome and like to constantly undersell myself despite the value I bring to the table. So this is your one and only heads up to buy my influencer handbook for only $29! It comes with my South East Asia preset starter pack, an Instagram growth graphic, and an example press kit to draw inspiration from. Yeah, that’s one hell of a value. I should definitely raise the price, but I’ll let you guys take advantage it for the next few days or so.

Anywho, those are the main two things I wanted to talk about. Subscribe to my newsletter by typing in your email, and buy my awesome, brand new, and super helpful influencer guidebook.

I’ve also dropped my first sets of presets, in case you missed them. You’ve got my $15 essential presets pack, featuring the twelve presets that I use the most. I’m not going to waste your time telling you about how I impeccably hand-crafted each one through years and years of tinkering. If you like my pictures, they’ll sell themselves.

Oh yeah! Upcoming travels.

I’ll be going on a road trip, if my car allows me, in the next week or so. I’m starting in Colorado, where I’ll be visiting a few friends, responsibly, of course. A bit of backcountry camping and summiting 14’ers are in the cards for the next few weeks. So stay tuned!

I’ve only had one real adventure since fleeing Patagonia to return home back in March, so I’m extremely hyped for this one. Not that Arkansas wasn’t surprisingly dope, but the mountains are calling. If you’ve got any hidden gem recommendations for Colorado, make sure to hit me up on Instagram or drop a comment on this post.

Stay safe, everyone! I know these times are still crazy, and as someone whose entire livelihood and passions have come to a flippin’ halt, I am admittedly going haywire! Despite my ever-optimistic approach to life, everything SUCKS, but I still have hope that they’ll get better sooner rather than later.

Keep your heads up! Subscribe to my newsletter! Thank you all for your support for the last few years. The future is uncertain, but come what may, I’ll always appreciate this little community I’ve built.

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