11 of the Best Places to See and Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

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About 8.5 million international visitors explore Australia every year. If you’re planning on going down under this year, it helps to have a plan. That way, you can make the most of your visit, whether it lasts a few days or a few weeks!

Keep reading to discover 11 fun things to do in Sydney. With this guide, you can explore the stunning continent and try new experiences.

Ready to start your journey?

Make the most of your trip with these 11 exciting things to do in Sydney, Australia!

Relax on the Beach

Sydney’s beautiful beaches offer astonishing waves that are great for surfing. If you’re not interested in surfing during your visit, consider taking a relaxing walk on the beach instead. Make sure to visit the beach at sunset and watch the sun glitter against the waves.

Sydney has over 100 beaches, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore. For example, you can consider:

  • Expansive and beautiful Manly Beach
  • Small, quiet Bronte Beach
  • Fun and exciting Coogee Beach
  • Bondi Beach, which is the most popular
  • Palm Beach, where you can chill and relax

If you decide to visit Manly Beach, take a ferry ride to gain sweeping views of the harbor. You’ll see Sydney Harbour Bridge and the world-famous Opera House during the journey.

Take a photo in front of the stunning, crashing waves. You can soak in some sun, visit the Bondi Icebergs swim club, or walk alongside the rock pools and bays. Bondi Beach is known for its gnarly waves, so consider giving surfing a try!

Explore the Rocks

The oldest part of Sydney, the Rocks, features narrow lines, sandstone churches, and elegant colonial buildings. You can also hop into one of Australia’s oldest pubs while you’re there.

The Rocks was Sydney’s first neighborhood, settled when the British first arrived in Australia. While it used to appear a lot bigger, many buildings were torn down and replaced by modern high rises. Many of the old builders were turned into modern tourist attractions and homes.

Explore the Rocks during the weekend. There, you’ll find the market up, street entertainment, and delicious food you can enjoy.

Take in the view of the city at the Sydney Observatory Hill Park during the day. At night, hit the bars and enjoy yourself!

Breathe in Nature

While you’re looking for things to do in Sydney, spend some time outside with nature. The Royal Botanic Gardens was Australia’s first vegetable garden. There, you’ll find a treasure trove of flowers and trees.

On a sunny day, you’ll see locals sprawl across the lawns, enjoying the weather.

Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is located here as well. Take a seat on this throne that’s carved into the cliff before taking a photo of the harbor.

The gardens are open every day and admission is free.

Marvel at the Opera

The Sydney Opera House is iconic to Sydney.

Famous for its white-shelled roof, this feat in engineering took almost 15 years to complete. Millions of people visit the opera house every year. You can take a guided tour or buy a ticket for the latest show.

Check the schedule to find stand-up comedy acts, theatre, ballets, concerts, and more.

Trek the Mountains

People spend an average of $1,979 annually on summer vacations. If you’re looking for things to do in Sydney on a budget, explore the great outdoors.

The Blue Mountains National Park includes cliffs and rock formations, including the Three Sisters. Explore during sunset and take in the view. During your hike, you’ll also find tumbling waterfalls, lush forests, and sheer rock walls.

The park is free to visit. You can take a train from Sydney and enjoy one of the trails during your journey.

Feast Like Royalty

A vacation isn’t complete without a delicious meal. Enjoying fresh seafood cuisine is a must-do in Sydney.

Sydney has many migrants from around the world who have brought their culinary traditions to the continent. As a result, there are many fusion cuisines you can try during your stay. Many restaurants pride themselves on using local, seasonal produce, which can change an entire dish.

Visit one of the waterside restaurants for fine dining or one of the mom and pop restaurants for a quick bite to eat. Consider exploring Surry Hills, a village full of cute restaurants and cafes.

Climb the Bridge

Also known as “the coathanger,” the Sydney Harbour Bridge is another engineering masterpiece you have to see. You can walk or cycle across the bridge to view it up close.

There are also walking tours available if you want to learn more about the city’s history.

Stay in Style

As you explore this list of the best things to do in Sydney, make sure you plan for a place to stay. Sydney’s hotels are among some of the best in the world. You can find rustic escapes or choose a more eclectic option downtown.

You can also explore services apartments in Sydney here.

Stroll the Harbour

Visiting the Darling Harbour is another must-do in Sydney. A popular recreational complex is located near Sydney’s city center. There, you can capture breathtaking views of the river and find plenty of entertainment options.

There are also many attractions near the Harbour, such as the serene Chinese Garden of Friendship and its teahouse. You can also visit the Carousel, the National Maritime Museum, or the beautiful Dockside Pavilion.

Take a Tour

There are many free walking tours you can take while in Australia, too!

Walking tours give you the chance to learn and explore Sydney from the locals. For example, consider taking a historic pub crawl in Sydney to learn about the area.

Consider a wine tasting tour or tour of the Sydney Tower Skywalk, too!

Get a Rush

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Consider visiting Luna Park. Take a photo in front of its wild entrance before enjoying one of the amusement park rides. On Sundays, you can even enjoy first-class dining within a Ferris wheel carriage!

Explore Australia with These Best Things to Do in Sydney

Eager to explore Sydney, Australia this year? With this guide of things to do in Australia, you can make the most of your trip.

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