5 Amazing Destinations for White Water Rafting in California

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With the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains being the source for a plethora of rivers, California offers a fantastic natural environment, best suitable for white water rafting. Most of the rivers favorable for an excellent white-water rafting experience, flow towards the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

You would have come across some of the familiar river names from The Golden State, such as the South Fork American River, known for the California Gold Rush. Recently, it ranked among the top 10 rafting rivers, with over 85,000 visitors annually.

The latest reports suggest an increase of nearly 35% in the locals opting for white water rafting in California. Here are some of the other amazing destinations for a fun-filled white-water rafting experience in CA.


The Klamath River

Though the most attractive rafting section of this river is near Oregon, yet the takeout is at the CA state line. Also referred to as the J.C. Boyle section of the Klamath, it boasts a wide variety of flora and fauna. The trips begin from the dam and stretch nearly 15 miles downstream. The water here is warmer and unsettling, and yet exuberant with its ruggedness.

The North Fork American River

It offers one of the most spectacular spring rafting trips in the Golden West. It lies between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, displaying the rustic Sierra Nevada charm. This untamed river offers Class IV rapids in the initial stretch, followed by more benign Class II-III rapids. The 10-mile stretch of white-water rafting offers hard paddling with close-knit boulders, splendid falls, and steep drops.

The Yuba River

This free-flowing river offers a splendid rafting experience for the entire family. Located on Highway 49, you can conveniently access it from Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, and San Francisco. There are mining towns, such as the Sierra City, that offer fabulous camping options. However, the river is less crowded, with a restriction of only three outfitters allowed.


The Carson River

The rafting sections on the East Fork Carson River are near South Lake Tahoe. The 10-mile stretch from Markleeville to the Nevada border got incorporated into the California Wild & Scenic Rivers System in 1988.

The river claims to have the exquisite river-side hot springs, that no other trips offer. The rugged section is hasty and not dam controlled, yet it is easily manageable, unlike the Kern river. It is a safer option and fun for all age groups, especially in the springs.

The MiddleFork American River

The tunnel-chute, a rapid formed by miners, drops you six feet before whisking you through a 90-foot tunnel. Further on, paddlers enjoy the breathtaking white-waters, followed by a section of serene water. This 16-mile river trip close to Auburn is over two hours from the Bay Area.

You can experience all the excellent features of the fantastic white water rafting in California. For its colossal white water and scenic beauty, the river has earned the title of best rafting near San Francisco.

Blessed with some of the best year-round weather and most beautiful terrain, The Golden State is one of the most adventurous states in the U.S. Find the idyllic time, perfect for you and your family, to have a terrific time while white-water rafting in CA.


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