5 Best Places To Spend Time In Bangkok

If you’re traveling to the capital city of Thailand, you may find that you’re quickly overwhelmed by the different recommendations circulating online and in guide books, or even from your friends. There are all sorts of recommended attractions and areas, as well as some places you’ll be told you should avoid going to. This is the case with a lot of big cities, but where Bangkok is concerned our guide below is meant to make things easier for you. From incredible temples to fun nightlife options and everything in between, these are some specific places to prioritize spending your time in the city.

1. Wat Phra Kaew

For those who don’t know, “Wat” is the Thai word for “temple,” and you’ll see it in the names of some of he most popular recommendations in Bangkok and around the country. Of all the temples you can visit though Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok is a great place to start, given how much there is to explore there. You can look at a previous piece to cover some of the specifics of visiting this temple (such as getting there early, adhering to dress code expectations, and staying quiet and respectful). But for the most part, this stop on your trip really is just about exploring all of the history and beauty of the temple complex. As an added bonus, Wat Phra Kaew also happens to be located near the Grand Palace, which is another must-see landmark in the city.

bangkok grand palace

2. Khao San Road

This is a great place to spend time at night – especially if you like to dance. The nightclubs and bars along this street are famous all around the world, and it’s right in the middle of the city, making it particularly easy for tourists to access. We should note that Khao San Road is undergoing a remodel right now, which means it may be somewhat more cluttered than usual. When the work is done though, no vehicles will be allowed to drive on the road, which will make it safer and more pleasant. It’s expected that the job will be finished sometime early in 2020, so before long this renowned nightlife spot should be better than ever.

3. Rajamangala National Stadium

The sport of football is very popular in Thailand, with local supporters following their own national teams, the top Thai leagues, and the world-famous clubs in Europe. The last decade or so has perhaps seen even more enthusiasm growing around the sport, as betting on football has become a more viable option for Thais. Gambling in person is widely restricted in the country (with some exceptions), but today Thai supporters can register with 1xbet to gain a stake in both local and overseas matches. The registration and deposit process is simple, which has made it easy for those who feel so inclined to start betting on football. And the benefit of this for your experience, even if you don’t join in with the bettors, is that this sort of activity tends to make sporting atmospheres all the more fun. The fans are incredibly engaged, particularly at Rajamangala National Stadium – the pride of Bangkok, when it comes to football. Any match you can see there, among passionate, informed, and sometimes personally invested Thai supporters, is worth your time!

4. Bangkok National Museum

One of the best places to spend some time in Bangkok for those who appreciate art and culture, the National Museum allows you to browse thousands of unique artifacts and see special exhibits. Pro tip: If you want a tour of the museum in English, be sure to save this stop for a Thursday, which is the only day of the week on which English tours are offered. If you do make the tour (in English or otherwise), you’ll learn about the history of Thailand through native art, including handmade crafts and textiles. Originally compiled by one of Thailand’s kings to show off his precious personal possessions, the collection has grown over the years to become one of Bangkok’s more impressive attractions.

5. Chatuchak Market

This is one of the largest markets in the world, and it’s only open on the weekends. While that scheduling makes it a little bit inconvenient, you’ll definitely want to make time to visit and peruse its 8,000-plus stalls. Plan to wear your walking shoes, because the market takes up the better part of 35 acres, and you may wind up making several passes through and around it. There are actually maps, which you can access online or get in physical form at the entrance. This can naturally help you get around if you want to do some organized shopping – though there’s also something to be said for simply losing yourself there for a while!

bangkok thailand

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