Orlando, Florida: Theme Parks and More

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Orlando City, located at the center of the Orlando metropolitan area in Central Florida, is famous for its world-class magical theme parks, making it the “Theme Park Capital of the World.” The famous theme parks in Orlando City include the “Universal Studios Florida,” “SeaWorld Orlando,” “Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park,” “Discovery Cove,” “Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios,” “Universal’s Volcano Bay,” and so much more. The city also houses theatres, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and museums. Vacation house rentals in Orlando FL, are almost always in demand all year round.

When anyone thinks of Orlando, Florida, the theme parks are always the first thing on their minds. Who could ever deny the fact that the city houses the most marvelous of all theme parks? The city is impressive, however, Orlando, FL, also attracts tourists through its other top destinations as well.

The Orlando Eye

Also called an “observation wheel,” this huge Ferris wheel is strategically located in Orlando to view the scenic cityscapes four hundred feet above the city. It contains thirty well-ventilated capsules to carry fifteen passengers each. This wheel is listed as one of the newest attractions in the city, dedicated to enjoying the spectacular view of Orlando. The Orlando Eye is open from 10 AM to 12 AM Sundays to Thursdays.

The Kennedy Space Center

The most excellent space adventure on Earth can be found in Orlando City. This space experience is most suitable for a daytime visit and perfect for science lovers. The marvelous exhibits like the IMAX movies, Shuttle Launch Experience, US Astronaut Hall of Fame, Rocket Garden, Hubble Space Telescope Theater, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Journey to Mars, Space Mirror Memorial, are among the facilities that attract tourists. You can find vacation house rentals in Orlando, FL to stay at during your visit here.

The Beacham

Orlando City is also visited for the colorful nightlife that the city brings. Nightclubs such as The Beacham gives life to after-hours, allowing people to enjoy dancing to loud music. Found at the center of downtown Orlando, party-goers specifically choose to spend the night until early morning at The Beacham.

McDonald’s, Orlando

The McDonald’s in Orlando is the largest McDonald’s branch in the entire world. It is a fast-food restaurant; shaped like a giant bucket of fries. The inside offers a modernized ordering system with the use of touch screen technology to get customer’s orders. It differs from other McDonald’s restaurants as it serves pasta, pizzas, and also has a dessert bar.

Lake Eola

Lake Eola is a quiet place in downtown Orlando away from the city, where people can relax, feed the swans, and watch a show at the park’s amphitheater, ride on swan-like paddleboats, and stroll across the path walk leading to lakeside eateries. There are also local shows available in the park on special occasions, and an open market every Sunday.

Take away

Although the magnificent theme parks in Orlando are, of course, the first options to visit, why not come again and try the other features that Orlando has to offer. Some of these places may not be available on booked tour packages, but it is worth a try.

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