Who Has the Best Burgers in the World? 5 Serious Contenders

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There is something about a good burger. Whether it is getting you fueled up for a big night out or helping you recover from dancing until dawn, a great burger can keep you going and set the world to right. But where on earth can you find such a burger?

Well here are five of the best burgers you can get on your travels.

1: Hard Rock Cafe: Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

If there is one thing The Hard Rock Cafe is known for is having some of the best burgers around and this one is no different. Easily the best burger restaurant in Cambodia’s capital city, it offers all of your favorites including the Local Legendary, which is the chain’s famous legendary burger with a local twist. Plus, now they stepped up their game with the impossible burger for vegetarians. 

2: Hamburg: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

While it may not be quite as famous as Amsterdam, Rotterdam is The Netherlands’ second city when it comes to foodie paradises and party spots and this butcher’s themed eatery is one of the reasons why. While all the beef comes from Uruguay, everything else is locally sourced from the buns to the produce to, of course, the cheese. There may only be seven burgers on the menu, but each one comes with a special sauce and any number of extras for easily customized burgers, yum!

3: Burger Table: Sao Paulo, Brazil

This small, out of the way place is unique in the fact that there is only one table in the restaurant and it only has a small selection of burgers on the menu at any given time. Don’t let that put you off though. Just like Hamburg, there are plenty of ways you can customize it to make it your dream burger. It doesn’t hurt that the owner and head chef, Manuel Coelho, spent years creating the perfect burger patty.

4: The Butcher’s Club: Hong Kong, China

The Butcher’s Club has only been around since 2013 when a group of up and coming chefs in the Hong Kong foodie scene wanted a space for dining, cooking classes, and butchery in one place. It has since expanded to seven locations all over the city with the Wan Chai locations focusing on burgers and beers (a perfect combination if you ask us). While there is literally only one burger on the menu, a bacon cheeseburger, you can customize it with a “secret” menu you can find online here.

5: Minetta Tavern: New York, USA

This Greenwich Village staple opened its doors in 1937 and has fed the literary, and party giants, like Ernest Hemmingway and Eugene O’Neill. It was revamped in 2009, thanks to famous restaurant owner Kevin McNally and is now the proud home of the Black Label Burger. Made from dry-aged beef cuts, drizzled with clarified butter and topped with caramelized onions while served on a brioche bun, there is nothing old fashioned about this burger.

Touring the World For the Best Burgers 

These burgers are just some of our picks for the best burgers in the world. There is a whole bunch of places out there for you to find the best burgers in the world.

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