What to Do in the Bahamas: 5 Amazing Attractions

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Did you know that taking a vacation may significantly increase your chances of getting a raise? According to research, playing hard helps you to work harder when you return.

This news calls for a trip to the Bahamas! There you can revitalize yourself in perfect weather and stunning surroundings.

Need to know what to do in the Bahamas once you book your trip? Read on!

A Vacation Guide on What to Do in the Bahamas

For a vacationer’s paradise, visit the Bahamas. This coral-based archipelago sits on the equator, offering mild, sunny days and some of the best resorts in the world.

Keep reading to learn 5 awesome attractions in the Bahamas!

1. The Beaches

Relax on your vacation! The beach life in the Bahamas allows you to get much-needed R&R, soothed by the sound of the ocean.

Pink Sands Beach on Harbor Island offers three miles of beautiful beach that stays true to its name. Bring a camera and a cocktail and soak up the sunshine on the shore.

For a more excluded area, visit Shelling Beach on Berry Island. Here you can picnic away from the rest of the world and find an abundance of washed-up sand dollars at low tide.

Other beaches to visit include Paradise Island’s Cabbage Beach, Abacos’ Tahiti Beach, and Grand Bahama’s Fortune Beach. Don’t stress over the decision of which to visit, because you cannot choose wrong.

2. The Ocean

This gorgeous force of nature allows for endless Bahamas activities. Take advantage of the opportunities.

Snorkel! The living coral reef surrounding these islands contains an abundance of sea creatures and underwater flora that will blow your mind.

Get a bird’s eye view of your beautiful surroundings. Parasailing might be the most exciting way to sightsee.

Fishermen should take advantage of the deep sea game in this area. Bait a yellowfin tuna, white marlin, or blue marlin for a lifetime’s worth of bragging rights.

3. Pig Island, Exumas

If you want to create an out of the box itinerary for your trip, check out Pig Island in the Exumas. Swimming with pigs is one of the wildest things to do in the Bahamas. These untamed cuties typically welcome guests to pet them, but careful, as they will hog all of the attention in your photos!

4. Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Paradise Island

For family fun, visit this 141-acre water park! You will find something for everybody with 11 pools and a variety of slides that range from small to scary.

Adventure junkies can take the Leap of Faith that drops you an almost verticle 60 ft through a shark tank! Hold your breath, but don’t close your eyes and miss the experience.

5. Downtown Nassau

Don’t let the call of the ocean keep you from exploring downtown Nassau! You will find some of the best of the Bahamas there, as it is full of rick history.

Walk the 66 steps of Queen’s Staircase, built for Queen Victoria by slaves in the 1700’s. In the heart of the Island, you will also find the famous Straw Market, where you can purchase handmade Bohemian items.

Book Your Bahamas Vacation

You know what they say about all work and no play. Book your Bahama vacation now to escape a dull life. Use this guide to help you decide what to do in the Bahamas!

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