Great Camping Meals & Road Trip Food Ideas

If you love to spend time in nature or on the road, you’re probably tired of sandwiches and instant noodles. But, don’t despair! Here are some of the best and easiest camping and road trip meals you can whip up while you enjoy your trip. 

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a classic breakfast idea that’s perfect both for camping and road trips. It’s nutritious, easy to make and very fast. All you need is some eggs that you can mix with some leftover veggies, bacon or sausage and you’re all set. If you want to be extra fancy, grab some tortillas and surprise everyone with a filling breakfast burrito! 


Oatmeal is one of the easiest breakfast ideas you can make while traveling or camping. As long as you have those pouches that just require you to add hot water, you can have a wonderful and nutritious breakfast on the go. If you happen to pass by a farmers market, grab some fresh fruit and you can throw it on top of your oatmeal. If you need a fast way to heat up water when camping or road-tripping, check out portable cooking systems.


This classic breakfast idea is beloved by everyone and the good news is that you don’t have to give it up just because you’re away from your kitchen. If you pack some “just-add-water” pancake mix, you’ll get to whip up some finger-licking-good pancakes with minimal mess to your car or campground. You can top your pancakes with peanut butter, syrup or fresh fruit for extra added energy. 

Portuguese white bean soup

If you’re feeling a little chilly and drained on your camping trip or road trip, it’s time for a savory and invigorating soup. Portuguese white bean soup is perfect for all sorts of occasions and you can modify the recipe as much as you like. While the original calls for kale, you can skip it if you haven’t been to the store in a long time or try foraging for wilds like plantain or dandelion. All in all, as long as you have beans and some veggies like onions and tomatoes, you can whip up this amazing lunch. 


Cornbread is not only a light lunch idea (especially when mixed with leftover soup or chili) but it’s also great for snacking between meals. And if you think making bread in your skillet over an open fire is impossible, think again! The secret to a fluffy and fully baked cornbread is the right temperature, so as long as you strike that medium-low heat, you’ll be golden. Like stated above, you can eat your cornbread with chili, soups or BBQ, but you can also eat it with butter and jam or honey.

One-pot meals 

Dinner is everyone’s favorite meal enjoyed in nature, so make sure to give it a little more time and attention. Luckily, in order to have a great meal, you don’t have to have 3 pans, 2 skillets and countless utensils at hand—one pot is often all you need. You can make all sorts of meals in one pot including Asian-inspired camping meals that will break the monotony of your classic food. No matter if you’re a beginner cook or someone with a little more experience under your apron, you’ll be able to make magic with these great recipes. 

Tinfoil dinners

If you’re too exhausted after your day to stand by the fire, just grab some potatoes, veggies and meat, season them and wrap them in tin foil. Throw these pouches on the grill or in the coals and after about 30 minutes, you’ll have full-cooked dinner ready to enjoy. 

Pizza quesadillas 

This one is favorite among kids. If you have tortillas, tomato sauce and cheese, you can whip up easy campsite pizzas perfect for fast and tasty dinners. The grownups will love the addition of chopped onions, peppers and pepperoni. 

No matter if you’re somewhere in the middle of the woods or road-tripping across the country, you can always prepare healthy, easy and versatile meals. Add these to your cooking repertoire and you’ll always be full and energized. 

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