Exploring the Sunshine State: The Best Cities in Florida to Visit

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Are you heading to the Sunshine State soon? Where should you go when there? Read on to learn about the best cities in Florida to visit.

When traveling in North America, it’s only right that you visit the Sunshine State. Florida is home to many great cities worth exploring. But with so many great stops in this state, you’ll need to know what the absolute best cities in Florida are to ensure you don’t pass them by.

From the west coast to the east coast and everything in between, continue reading below to learn about the top best cities to visit while traveling to Florida!

St. Petersburg

The first stop on the list is the city of St. Petersburg. This starts off your travels on the west coast of Florida. St. Petersburg is located just 20 minutes away from the popular city of Tampa.

However, don’t let it’s neighboring city’s popularity keep you from exploring this city full of cultural, art, and beaches. It’s home to some of the most amazing blue waters and white sands. And spending a weekend day here is a sure way to catch up on local culture, history, and art.

The city is known for its museums like The Dali Museum and the Florida Holocaust Museum. Plenty of festivals, farmer’s markets, and unique restaurants also welcome visitors.

St. Augustine

After soaking up the culture in St. Petersburg, head Northeast to reach the east coast of Florida where St. Augustine lies. If you didn’t get your history fix while in St. Petersburg, St. Augustine is the best place to do so.

It’s the oldest settlement in the U.S. that’s been continuously occupied. American history surrounds you at every corner, and the city is most known for being haunted. Ghost tours and other paranormal attractions are quite popular here as many believe that the city is haunted by Spanish settlers.

However, the paranormal activities that take place here aren’t the only thing to do while visiting. The city is also filled with museums, eateries, galleries, boutiques, and of course some amazing Florida beaches!


Now you can make your way back towards the center of the state where you’ll find Florida’s most popular city, Orlando. Yes, Orlando was a must for the list because it’s the most popular Florida tourist destination. Even if you don’t have small children or children at all, it’s highly recommended that you make the stop.

Of course, there are the theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios, both of which are fun to do with or without children. But that’s not where the Orlando fun stops. The nightlife in this city is pretty amazing, and there are even night clubs on Universal’s City Walk.

Museums, natural parks, enormous shopping malls, and a wonderful art scene all make the visit to Orlando worthwhile.

Fort Lauderdale 

The last stop on the list is Fort Lauderdale. It’s on the east coast of Florida but in South Florida near Miami. Luckily, getting there from Orlando is quite simple. All it takes is a pass on the RedCoach bus to get you from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale and from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando.

Once you arrive in this South Florida city, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful beaches, blue skies, palm trees, and Florida life everywhere you look. It’s a popular city for cruise ships and nightlife. Here you’ll find several night clubs and serene waterways.

It’s a short drive to Miami Beach, but even the celebrities will tell you that they prefer the quiet beaches that Fort Lauderdale provides over the busy hustle and bustle of Miami.

When Traveling to the Sunshine State, Visit These Cities in Florida!

When doing any type of traveling to the Sunshine State, these are the best cities in Florida to visit! Grab your map and keep this guide handy to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

And for more amazing places to visit in North America, be sure to check back with this blog daily.


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