How Do You Get The Perfect Hotel For Your Event?

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Selecting the perfect venue for your event can be quite a task. Of course, there is a vast array of hotels to choose from, but pick the wrong one and it can spell disaster for you. With a myriad of details to think about, it makes sense to research well in advance.

Planning an event is a herculean task, and it’s no surprise that most of an event budget is sunk on the venue alone. The first thing that you would think about regarding events would be the location. Without this, there is no event.

Here are some tips that ensure you stick to your budget:

Location is almost everything

The location is the most critical factor that determines the event. The type of event and the guests that show up also helps in determining the area.

For an international business seminar, pick hotels that are in the city center. Guests coming from different parts of the world would love to soak in the sights and be close to the city. Picking a hotel in such a location will serve both purposes.

A hotel stay in Oakville is guaranteed to give your guests the best of both worlds due to its proximity to downtown Toronto as well as the glut of affordable hotel services on offer.


This is a big determinant in picking a befitting hotel for your event. There must be adequate entry and exit points and the seating arrangements must capture the theme of the event. A business seminar will have a different seating arrangement from a shareholders meeting.

It’s also important to ensure everyone can access the venue, including guests with special needs. Find out as much as you can about the attendees before making a venue reservation.

Value over Price

We often see a venue that is perfect for our needs but beyond our budget. That being said, it’s important that the venue selected gives you immense value for your money.

Typical Hotel Stays Oakville, Ontario could cost $99.00 per night with a few of these hotels offering late checkouts at 2 pm. When you add Wi-Fi and other business services into the mix, you get excellent value for money.

Attending the event and staying in the same hotel saves your attendees extra costs. It would help if you also consider this.

Visit in person

You have seen every facility the hotel has online, but it’s vital to make sure what is on the internet matches what you see in reality.

Visiting the venue in person will allow you to interact with the in-house team and get a vibe of the location. The venue must be checked out and approved before booking.

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