Top Camping and Glamping Destinations in Portland, Maine

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Mountainous yet nautical, rugged, but also refined — these are adjectives one can use to describe Maine. The state has a variety of destinations to offer. Apart from these destinations, the state is also abundant in year-round activities that you can experience. In summer, you can enjoy boating while during winter, you can go snowshoeing.

The unspoiled nature, wooded acres, and national parkland also made camping and glamping in Maine more than desirable. The stars under the night sky are to die for; even people who are not that enthusiastic about the outdoors cannot say no to it. If you want to go glamping, Maine has luxurious tents and rustic treehouses you can enjoy.

Here are some of Maine’s best camping and glamping destinations.

Slippery Rock Trails

If you want to experience the fantastic view of the Androscoggin River, come to the Slippery Rock Trails. The host is amazing, plus they also have a private beach. Most glampers who tried staying here enjoyed the property, along with the barred eagles, owls, and loons caterwauling at nighttime. Beavers are also shaping the property’s shoreline. If you want to enjoy kingfishers, you can see them here.

Glampers all agree about being pleasantly surprised at how soft and comfortable the mattresses were. You can also kayak down the beautiful river. The lanterns on the camp also made the site even more appealing.


If you’re up for some rustic camping experience, Tideside is perfect for you. The campsite has a picturesque and immaculate sunset view. The tents are comfortable and cozy, allowing you to soak in the Adirondacks outdoors. Tideside also has a path walk leading to the kayaks and rocky shoreline. From there, you can paddle your way through the peninsula. Apart from the gracious guests, the campers also enjoyed the outfitter tents that made them warm.

If you love the spirits, you can attend wine tasting events in the locality. You can take a boat ride with a lobsterman and catch some lobster for dinner on the Tideside shore. If you crave for some hiking experience, you can also hike your way up the Camden Hill State Park.

Riverside Lavender Farm

If you go glamping in Maine, never miss the chance to stay at the Riverside Lavender Farm. Found in Saco River banks, Riverside Farm is just 30 minutes away from Portland. The place is secluded, but everyone who camps here is provided with blankets, towels, pillows, and linens. All you have to do is bring your food and personal items. You can enjoy such outdoor activities as badminton, cornhole, ladder ball, horseshoes, paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking. You can also go fishing here. The property also offers multiple grills and fire pits. You can keep yourself warm or grill your food anytime.

Big Clemon’s Lakefront

Big Clemons is situated near a lovely pond. Its location offers all the privacy any glamper can ask for. If you want to paddle your way through the pond, you can use the property-provided lifejackets and kayaks. Aside from these, the property owners also offer the use of charcoal grills, tiki torches, tent lanterns, firewood, and outdoor chairs. Here, you can completely drop off the grid. You cannot use your phone here, so it’s a perfect chance to unplug and unwind. If you have dogs or cats, you can bring them here and have them freely roam around the camp.

Final Words

Maine is the perfect spot for campers and glampers who want to enjoy the serene life offered by the mountains, woodlands, and ocean. A weekend getaway here will surely make you feel recharged and renewed.


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