Jet Journal: A Revolutionary New Travel App

For travelers, creators, and storytellers alike, there’s only so much you can do on a mobile platform. Every major social media outlet has that one shortcoming. There’s just something that keeps it from being the perfect way to share your big once-in-a-lifetime expeditions and those little journeys that you go on every day in your home city.

Instagram limits your storytelling capabilities to a few pictures and a caption. Twitter’s character limits restrict you even more. Snapchat stories disappear entirely and posting on Facebook just plain isn’t cool anymore. And to be honest, I still don’t even really know what Pinterest does.

People need to be able to tell a story in a way that is deserving of the adventures they take. Many travel apps have tried and failed to provide people with a truly elevated way to share their stories. I’m hoping, and genuinely believing, that Jet Journal isn’t just another one of those apps with big ambitions but little results to show for it.

I first took notice of Jet Journal over a year ago. I did a quick social media campaign with them, believing it was just another one-off campaign at the time. Back then, the app was a much less developed version of the masterpiece it is now. It was basically a skeleton, it had a strong foundation but there was hardly any meat on the bones. Beyond that foundation, it hadn’t quite discovered what it wanted to be and had yet to add more substance.

Since that first quick social media campaign, I was asked to get more involved with the ambitious Jet Journal project. Since then, I’ve seen Jet Journal take leaps and bounds to becoming what could and should be a game changer for travelers and creatives. My impatience and enthusiasm always kept me thinking “it’s good enough as it is, let’s just start promoting it.

I’m glad no one listens to me because it wouldn’t be the app it is now if we had launched it without some of the staple features that make the app revolutionary. You can’t wait forever though, and despite there always being room for improvement, I think that the app we have today is something everyone could admire, appreciate, and most importantly, utilize.

Why You Need to Download Jet Journal

The Community

One of the most empowering things about traveling is the people that you meet along the way and the groups that you become a part of. Having a dedicated community of like-minded adventurers and creators is something that has yet to be accomplished by any app. However, I envision Jet Journal to be one of those special apps that can capture that aspect of traveling.

A small, tight-knit digital community like Jet Journal is just the thing that creators need. From travelers looking for honest, detailed experiences to someone just browsing for a brunch spot in Paris, you can trust the people on Jet Journal the same way you can trust and befriend the people you meet along the way on your travels.

Jet Journal won’t grow to be as big as Instagram or Facebook but that’s not what it’s trying to be. Jet Journal can be the cozier, close-knit community where travelers, photographers, storytellers and creatives of all kinds can come to share their adventures and daily moments.

The social aspect of Jet Journal really appeals to me. It brings you closer to the creators and gives the creators a more open and complete platform to tell more of their story. And everyone can be a creator on Jet Journal. You can expand your network while discovering content from people and places that you might have never heard of before.

The Functionality

Storytelling is something that I feel has kind of gone ignored by app developers. There are a few supplemental apps to help give you more freedom on the other social media apps but few that try to tackle the storytelling niche itself. As the world moves even further towards mobile and Internet everything, Jet Journal has an appeal that cannot be ignored. It finds the equilibrium between quick and effortless reads and informative and well thought out articles.

These are more in depth than your average Instagram post but much more easily digestible than having to read through a lengthy blog post littered with sponsored content and not-so-subtle shoutouts to travel insurance or whatever writers try to cash in on these days.

There are so many different appealing uses to Jet Journal. The post-builder gives you an elevated platform to share your experiences with as much versatility as possible. The map of users’ posts and pictures gives you as many recommendations as your heart desires for wherever you want to go. The journals allow you to have a private or public archive of your adventures and can be as brief or as detailed as you want. The ideas feature allows you to save other people’s posts so that you have a collection of bucket list destinations to look at when planning your next trips.

And I’m only scratching the surface. For those patient enough to explore all that the app has to offer, it will be the most immersive platform to document your travels and be part of a community.

The Aesthetic

In all honesty, I have never seen as app as beautiful as Jet Journal. Sure, I may be biased but the sleek look, soft colors, and the way actual utility intertwines with a beautiful layout is one heck of an achievement.

A lot of work went towards the aesthetic, very little of which I had to do with. I was always more of a “who cares how it looks as long as it works” kind of guy but even I have to admit that the clean layout and stunning look is as much a part of the app as its actual functions. It’s hard to find an app as stunning as Jet Journal.

Your adventures need to be as beautifully told as possible. Your audience needs to be able to feel like they were there with you. Jet Journal does justice to your stories by giving you versatility and a beautiful aesthetic to set a foundation for your posts.

The redundancy of a picture with a caption below of Instagram can only do so much. Jet Journal’s post builder makes it so that you can customize your stories as much as possible. From different layouts, gallery styles, fonts, and content block options, no two stories are ever the same. And why should they be? Every adventure is unique and each individual should be able to customize the story they want to tell as much as possible.

Everything from the profile pages and timeline all the way down to the little things have been beautifully made. You’ll have to see for yourself once you download the app.

The Opportunity

Jet Journal provides a huge opportunity for adventurers, storytellers, and even brands to be the first adapter of a platform that promises to be a game changer in the world of travel. For individuals, breaking into the already established ranks of the influencers on the social media giants is near impossible now. No matter how great your content is, there are no promises that it will stand out among one billion other users. Hopping on Jet Journal early can provide talented content creators with not only a new and improve platform to share their stories but to expose them to the world.

Jet Journal also intends to have opportunities for their top creators and top users to be able to monetize their knowledge and experiences through the app. If you happen to be a frequent coffee shop hopper in your city, your knowledge can come in very handy when creating journals. Content creators offering one-of-a-kind and high quality content can be rewarded directly through Jet Journal, something no other app has successfully done.

I’ve been blessed to see Jet Journal grow and evolve over the past year and be a part of it all. I implore you to give the app a download and play around with it. Its ambition to be the perfect platform for travelers might seem overwhelming at first but focus on the story you want to tell and the app will help you do just that.

Become a part of this app now because it’s only going to grow and evolve as time goes on.

Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Bittuta

Tell your story on Jet Journal today.

65 thoughts on “Jet Journal: A Revolutionary New Travel App

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