Why St. Christopher’s Inn is the Place To Stay in Barcelona

Barcelona. The best city in the world. I’ve never been to a city that gave off an incredible vibe and an electric energy quite like Barcelona. I first found my way to Barcelona over four years ago and fell in love with it then. It didn’t take long for me to remember why I loved the city so much this time around.

The city is constantly buzzing with life and energy. It’s a city with so much to do and so much to see but one that at the same time is perfect for doing nothing. I had six days in Barcelona this time around, plenty of time to see the sights and do the things. I found myself going with the flow instead, letting the energy of the city lead me around rather than any map or itinerary.

It’s impossible to describe the vibrance of Barcelona until you step foot in the city itself. It just breathes life. No matter what you do in the city, the hustle and bustle will keep you energized.

One of the best ways for any backpacker to get the most of their Barcelona experience is to stay at St. Christopher’s Inn. With as central of a location as you could ask for, it serves as the perfect home base for anyone looking to experience the entirety of what Barcelona has to offer. My recent trip to Barcelona was the most fun week I have had in as long as I can remember and a huge part of that was owed to St. Christopher’s.

There’s a ton of reasons why I’d recommend staying at St. Christopher’s but here’s a few of the most important ones.

It Has A Great Location in Central Barcelona

The location turns the large city of Barcelona into a much smaller, much more easily accessible city. It is a minute walk from Placa Catalunya, one of Barcelona’s most important hubs. Towards the south side of the Plaza you have the famed street of La Ramble, leading all the way to the waterfront. Veer off of La Rambla a bit and you’ll find yourself in On the north side of the Plaza is the beautiful and bustling street of Passeig de la Gracia. That street is home to some of Gaudi’s most famous works and is also Barcelona’s best street for shopping.


It Has Easy Access To All Types Of Public Transportation

I’ve come to realize that location doesn’t always have to be central as long as it is close to public transportation. St. Christopher’s has both. It turns the massive city into a smaller one. You can get to Park Guell, Montjuic, and Tibidabo all from Placa Catalunya. Or you can take the nearby Universitat Metro to anywhere you want in the city. I’ve never had an easier time getting around a city. With multi-day all-inclusive bus/train/etc cards available at a good price, it is really easy to see a lot of different sides of Barcelona.

It’s also right where the airport bus drops you off, making the hassle of getting to and from airports significantly easier.

The Social Scene Is Always Extremely Active

Free sangria. Enough said.

A lot of hostels I’ve stayed at leave you on your own to make your own friends and fend for yourself in the city once you’re checked in. St. Christopher’s hooks you up with free sangria, welcome meetings, free walking tours, and a lot of other ways to make friends. The backpacker community in Barcelona is very active and you should have no trouble meeting people.

The bar downstairs is always a great place to meet people but if you’re looking for something a little quieter or a little less lively, St. Christopher’s also has a huge common room. A lot of fellow backpackers will be there hanging out, having dinner, or having impromptu karaoke sessions with a ukulele girl that you found on top of the mountain. Okay, maybe the last one was just us. Regardless, you have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the lively social scene of the hostel.

They Know How To Do Barcelona Nightlife Right

Everyone knows that Barcelona has among the world’s most exciting and diverse nightlife scenes. It’s actually overwhelming how many options Barcelona has for a night out. For a solo traveler, the important thing is gathering a squad to go out with. With the sense of community and extremely social vibe of St. Christopher’s, it is impossible not to make a ton of friends.

Each night, the party heads to a club of choice and squads up. Tickets are as low as 5 euros during the low season and will always include a shot at the bar as well as club entry. The bars and clubs you’ll visit are often a pretty good mix. You’ll have the big name beachside nightclubs but they’ll also sprinkle in some lesser known local spots. From Opium to Razzmatazz to City Hall, your nights out will be diverse but always guaranteed to be lit.

The Happy Hour Is Unrivaled

This is crucial for a good time. Happy hour at St. Christopher’s lasts all night for guests staying there. Next to buying it straight from a supermarket itself, Belushi’s is one of the cheapest ways to get drunk in Barcelona. With nightly events at the bar and DJs on the weekends, it is objectively a pretty great bar with an exciting atmosphere as well. Quite a few locals frequent Belushi’s as well if that gives you an idea of the quality of the bar.


There Are Always Daily Activities At Or With The Hostel

Barcelona is an overwhelming city to take on. There are different tours for different tastes. From the Gaudi tours, bike tours, free walking tours, tapas tours, food tours, wine tours, whatever. There’s something for you to find in Barcelona. St. Christopher’s does a fantastic job of catering to all sorts of needs.

They’ll always help you out with whatever you are looking to do. If there’s something you need more information about, they’ll have it.

The Hostel Facilities Themselves Are Top Notch

I was expecting to find a weakness at some point and I was fully expecting it to be the hostel facilities themselves. But nope. The beds are comfortable. Each bed comes with a curtain to preserve your privacy and a giant locker to store your stuff.

The place was constantly clean. The common room was large and comfortable. As far as hostels go, this was one of the best I have ever stayed at. This is just an added bonus since you will likely not care too much about where you’re sleeping once you’re coming home from a wild night out in Barcelona. The bed and curtain combo is quite perfect though if the hangover is hitting you harder than you expected. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend combining wine, sangria, beer, and liquor all in one night but whatever gets the job done I guess.

It’s really no surprise why it was voted the best hostel in Barcelona in 2017. I genuinely had one of the best weeks of travel I have ever had. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a trip to Barcelona, but staying at St. Christopher’s will make it the best experience ever.


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