Why No Trip To Nha Trang Is Complete Without Visiting Sailing Club

Nha Trang is quickly becoming one of Vietnam’s premier travel destinations. With the most stunning beaches that Vietnam has to offer, it is no wonder why travelers flock to this paradise on the Pacific Coast of the country. Looking at the city now, it is almost impossible to fathom that just two decades ago, the tourism infrastructure was nonexistent. The popularity of Nha Trang is rapidly growing. Consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful bays in the world by Travel and Leisure, it is easy to see why.


Like any good beach town, Nha Trang has a party scene that cannot be missed. The city is widely regarded as one of Vietnam’s best nightlife destinations. One of those can’t miss party spots for travelers on all walks of life is Sailing Club, a business that has become one of the foundations of Nha Trang’s travel and dining industry. Founded over two decades ago, it was there before the beginning of the Nha Trang’s tourism boom and it is hard to see it going away anytime soon. Its location right on the pristine white sands and clear blue waters are enough to attract anyone but the food, atmosphere, and party scene will undoubtedly suck you in.


Relax, Dine, and Party. These are the three commandments of Sailing Club and they adhere to those tenets devotedly.


You are right on the beach, soaking in the Vietnamese sun and bathing in the cool blue waters. While Vietnam’s beaches may not have the same reputation as those of Thailand, the Philippines, or Indonesia, Nha Trang can hang with the best of them. Whether you’re backpacking through the country and looking for a spot to chill or honeymooning with your lover, Nha Trang Bay and Sailing Club have got what you need. Catch some sun or seek out some shade on one of their beachside day beds and luxurious cabanas.



For the more adventurous traveler, Sailing Club even has their own Dive Center, allowing you to spend the day exploring the depths of the ocean. They’ve got adventures for any level of diver, whether you are a seasoned Scuba Diver or just want to snorkel around Nha Trang Bay for a little while. You can even kitesurf right on the beach in front of Sailing Club. Regardless of what you decide to do, it will give you even more of a reason to relax once you’ve finished.


The food at Sailing Club has no business being as good as it is. The menu ranges from Western Classics to Vietnamese favorites and the freshest seafood you can imagine. You can even order fresh seafood delivered straight to your table and watch as it is cooked right in front of you. Some seafood highlights include their oysters, tiger prawns, and fresh whole tilapia.



If seafood isn’t quite your thing, the menu is as diverse as it gets. From light offerings like a poki bowl to a tiger prawn and green mango salad to something hearty and filling like an aged Australian beef sirloin, you will undoubtedly find something to indulge yourself on. End the meal on a high note with some dessert, with several options including their specialty Sailing Sundae.


Here is something Sailing Club and I definitely have in common. This is our area of expertise. After gorging yourself on a delicious meal and a few of their signature cocktails, the night really begins to get heated. Literally. Fire dancers, magic shows, dancers and musicians will entertain you all night until their rotation of talented DJs steal the show. The flashing lights and booming music will have the dance floor packed and everyone out of their seats and the long list of cocktails and jam jars will keep your night bumping until the club shuts down.


Despite opening at 7 AM for breakfast and not shutting down until 2 AM, it is easy to accidentally spend the entire day at Sailing Club. No matter what time you go or what the occasion is, it is a perfect place to hang out.

In case you didn’t get the memo, Sailing Club is one of the hottest spots in all of Vietnam. It is Nha Trang’s trendiest destination and well ahead of the curve when you compare it to its competitors that are simply trying to catch up. Like I mentioned earlier, it was established well before Nha Trang became the tourist hotspot that it is today and its success was not by accident. Its vision of a one-size-fits-all environment for foodies, partiers, and beachgoers alike has come to fruition. And it is only going to get better.

You can find Sailing Club Nha Trang at 72-74 Tran Phu Street Nha Trang, Vietnam, or walk along Nha Trang’s beautiful beach until you find where the party is at.

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