7 Ways to Take Good Photos While Traveling Solo

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Traveling alone is an amazing experience. It’s literally a journey of self-development and discovery. The memories stay with you forever. This is why it makes perfect sense to want to take pictures and capture all the amazing moments and scenes that you come across.

Having a good photographer friend with you is an idea, but you only have yourself to rely on when you are traveling alone. It may seem like a daunting task to take perfect photographs on your own but if you follow a few fool-proof techniques you can be churning out amazing photos in no time.

Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds comprises of dividing the picture frame into three horizontal and three vertical components. This leaves the frame divided into 9 squares. If you are capturing a particular object, make sure a major part of it lies in the center-most square.

It also helps to divide the two components of the photograph, i.e. the land and the sea, in thirds rather than halves. For example, two-thirds of the photograph with the sky and one third of land or sea make for a better photograph than half the photo with land and half with the sea.

Use the Flash Sparingly

I have seen a camera flash ruin potentially perfect pictures. Only very professional photographers can use the flash as a valuable asset, otherwise, it mostly adds glare and reflection to unwanted areas. So try to illuminate your photographs with as much natural light as possible.

Don’t Miss Out on the Little Things

If you are out on a road trip, you will notice that there is some amazing scenery on the way. It isn’t very reasonable to leave your car and take pictures of everything you find. This is why you should install a dash cam in your car to take pictures of every beautiful thing you pass by.

Capture the Sunset

No matter where you go, it is always a great idea to capture the sunset. A sunset sky can make the dullest of sceneries come to life. And it is even better if you take this picture near the ocean so you can capture the horizon.

Keep the Camera Level

If you aren’t a professional photographer, you should not try to play with angles. Keep the camera either fully horizontal or vertical so that the picture looks as if it’s in good focus.

Focus on a Subject

When you are taking pictures of a specific object or a person, you should try to focus on that object alone. You should also try to blur the background since it greatly improves the focus of the picture.

Make Your Photograph Three Dimensional

Every picture has a foreground element, a mid-ground element, and a background element. So make sure your picture has at least three components, one in the background which is the sky, one in the mid-ground like an object or mountains, and any object in the foreground.

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