A Different Look At Bangkok: Visual Gallery

Bangkok has always been one of my favorite cities to take pictures in. At first, there is no denying how overwhelming the city is. It is sensory overload at its peak. It is perhaps the loudest city I have ever been to. Between the motorbikes, constant honking, yelling salespeople, and the cries of “MASSAGE! MASSAGE!” coming from all directions, Bangkok thrives on noise.

While travel photography has always been an interest of mine, I’ve always considered it easy to be a “travel photographer” when all you are doing is taking pictures of landscapes. The stunning landscapes usually do all the work for you, leaving minimal effort on the photographer’s end to make it “Instagram-worthy.” As much as I love photography and want to move away from landscapes to capturing real life, there is definitely a disconnect between what raw photography is and what Instagram wants to see.

Here is a look at my photography outside of Instagram, shot in my favorite city in the world. It is an urban jungle and it is easy to get lost in the chaos. The best part about photography in Bangkok is that for even one moment, it captures everything in a still moment. In a city that is chaotic and constantly moving, it is hard to imagine the millions of people as individuals living their daily lives. A photo can capture that moment.

My other favorite part of Bangkok is that it is far from your conventionally attractive city. A photographer truly has to challenge themselves in order to find that beauty amidst the chaos. Having to work that much harder forces one to actively seek out the beauty and immerse themselves in the daily life of Bangkok. You pay more attention to what is going on around you. Like I said, Bangkok is a constantly moving city. Blink for one second and the perfect shot might pass you by.

The beauty in Bangkok for me lies in the streets, the people, and the life. Once you’ve got your temples and floating markets out of the way, it might be easy to say that you’ve “seen” Bangkok. Unfortunately, it would take several lifetimes to truly experience Bangkok.

Without further ado, here is a glimpse of what I consider to be the world’s most exciting city.

Putting the street in street food.

IMG_3040bangkok street food

Wheels are the name of the game in Bangkok. If you aren’t comfortable on two wheels, be prepared to live in traffic.

bangkok tuk tukbangkok motorcycle trafficbangkok motorcycle traffic

Even the art in Bangkok thrives on chaos.



The wires in Bangkok give me anxiety.


The Calm Before The Storm


The Storm

bangkok victory monument sunset

bangkok chinatownbangkok thailand chinatownchinatown bangkok

Sometimes, Bangkok doesn’t look like Bangkok at all.

IMG_3135IMG_3107 edidtIMG_3144


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